Trenches – The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole

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Trenches – The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole
3.7 (3 votes)

Band: Trenches
Title: The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole
Label: Solid State
Release Date: 9/16/2008
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Calling
02. Eyes Open
03. Sacrament
04. Trip the Landmine
05. Pathways
06. Bittersweet
07. Call It Correct
08. End
09. Ocean Currents
10. Cornered

Everyone who is familiar with Solid State Records knows who Jimmy Ryan is. In fact, most people who are into metalcore will probably know he is as well. A few years back he was the frontman for the popular metalcore act Haste The Day. Since leaving the band he went on to work for his former label and apparently decided it wasn’t time for him to put music behind him. Rumors began emerging that he had formed a new group and music would be coming soon. That group became Trenches and the music is something you really need to hear.

Calling” wastes no time showing off the ferocious side of this band. The guitars are tuned low and sound huge and Jimmy’s vocals sound better than they ever have! The low end and drums are superb as well. I must first off mention how good the production of this album is. It captures the fullness of their sound in complete detail! Anyways, the song gets very light after the initial parts and focuses more on simpler guitar patterns for a bit. There is an eerily sung part about a minute and fifteen seconds in with multiple layered vocals that adds a cool vibe. The songs stays heavy from pretty much that point on. We see the use of a guitar solo, but more like a band just jamming rather than a “see-how-fast-I-can-shred” type of sound. “Eyes Open” begins quietly almost with an indie vibe. This does not sound like a metal band in the least, but that’s the beauty of Trenches. They lure you in and then as the music builds around you they unleash all they have. The use of opposing screams works great here. “Sacrament” chugs along and I’ll have to be honest and admit that I was hoping for it to speed up. Instead it follows the similar patterns of the previous two tracks (which isn’t to say it’s a bad thing). “Trip The Landmines” reminds me of “White Pony” era Deftones, but with more power. “Bittersweet” is a long track, topping seven minutes and really highlights the instrumental side of the band. The bass lines are thick and guitars atmospherically laced over top. It is a pretty incredible song and is surprisingly more rock oriented than metal. “End” is the heaviest track and one of my favorites. It’s a bit faster and more chaotic than the others and was a welcomed change from the tracks around it. “Cornered” is the longest track running in at just over thirteen minutes and covers the complete spectrum of the bands sound. I really like the guitar parts towards the end of the main section of the song.

Overall: The only thing I knew not to expect from the band was another Haste The Day, but from there who knew where Jimmy would venture in the metal realm. With Trenches he’s opted for what some might call post-metal. It is a wall of sound and is grand and imposing, yet it has flaws. I wish there was a bit more speed at times as well as more technicality. I like the vibe but it lacked appeal at times and I found myself bored in certain spots. However those moments were thankfully short-lived! I think the album is impressive and Solid State was wise to pick this band up! It delivers a very different sound from the rest of the roster. The potential of this band is bigger than I had expected and you definitely need to give this album a shot!

Standout Tracks: “End”, “Bittersweet”, “Sacrament”

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Trenches - The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings College Application Essay Youtube.

18 Responses to 'Trenches – The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole'

  1. Colt says:

    good review. Still not totally convinced enough to buy it… The songs on myspace really didn’t do it for me.

  2. I found it at a Parable bookstore for $9.99 regular price (as was Jonezetta). If you have one of those near you it might be more worth it.

  3. Stef says:

    This is an amazing album. Only thing that has me confused is the fact that ‘trip the landmine’ on here sounds exactly the same as the demo version they had on myspace??

  4. Josh, thanks so much for reviewing our record! I love your site and come here often. Wanted to remind you guys as well that the record is $7.99 on iTunes. Thanks again everyone, this has been a lot of fun!

  5. LenIVM says:

    I LOVE YOU JIMMY! You are awesome bro. Keep up the good work, and hopefully I will see a show soon.

  6. kyle(asthefallbreaks) says:

    come on guys jimmy ryan is great but there are other people in the band to!

  7. Research Papers Green Marketing see. says:

    This is the best album I have ever heard. I’ve listened too it nine times since I picked it up Thursday. Kudos Mr. Jimmy Ryan and crew. Kudos.
    and Jimmy sent me.

  8. College Essay About Influential Person. says:

    I couldn’t agree with kyle more. the other dudes did an amazing job too.

  9. Sound review there. The Tide is like nothing I’ve ever heard before, really. Love it.

    Oh and Jimmy said to say he sent me

  10. ryan says:

    i just bought the album on saturday. great album, though i was disappointed there weren’t any lyrics.

  11. Josh- Excellent review.

  12. Manuel says:

    No lyrics? :O

    Actually Kyle, we’re making a Jimmy Ryan fan club, with exclusive pics and Jimmy Ryan background desktop wallpapers.

  13. AlexM says:

    did anyone find this a disappointing release?

  14. HayngMan3000# says:

    where can i find the lyrics for the album at?

  15. says:

    So far I would answer AlexM #14 with a resounding yes.

    Lyrics are nowhere to be found. It’s shame too considering how they left a page for each song title. The art fit better with the old album title too. You can tell that was the concept.

    Anyone (i.e. Bloodwater) know why they changed the title?

  16. Yanni-Roo says:

    Jimmy, Eli, Joel, all you guys, are great musicians. Bittersweet is my favorite track. keep up the good work! Eli, it’s been a pleasure knowing and hanging with you bro.

  17. aleph_am455 says:

    Yeah, this is a truly amazing album. I’ve seen a video for “misheard lyrics” emerge.. hehehe…
    I guess it adds to the post-metal feel, it’s about what you think they are saying, not what they are saying in any definite sense.
    Bittersweet is definitely my favourite track… very mysterious..

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