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Archabald Teases New Album

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New Archabald Album Out in 2018

Albuquerque, NM. experimental rock group Archabald┬áhas been teasing followers with a combination of cryptic posts, humorous polls, and poetic quotes. All this considered, a new album is in the works. It hasn’t been revealed exactly how far the group is into the writing process, but you can expect more news as time goes on. The band has also strongly hinted toward a giveaway, so be sure to follow them on social media.

About Archabald

Archabald released their debut full length, “Relativity”, in early 2016. It was met with applause due to its mixture of alternative, emo, post-hardcore, and ambient elements and strong production. It also saw the group move toward a heavier direction than what was showcased on their first EP, “Archives”. In preparation for the new album, the band has made two additional EPs available for streaming: a library sessions EP and featuring songs from both previous releases and an EP with acoustic versions of songs from relativity. Check them out below:

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Chris S
Chris S
December 23, 2017 10:23 pm

Psyched about this! ‘Relativity’ was one of my favourite albums of 2016 (and one that I got it into because of your review, Casey. Thanks!) & I’m sure this won’t let me down.

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