Farewell From Chad Ackerman of DTR

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So how did this all come about? I have been following you guys on Twitter and I thought I read you guys were in the studio and even had Bruce from Living Sacrifice doing some guest vox.
Last week Duane and Maldy wanted to have a meeting to talk about stuff. At the meeting, Duane and Maldy told both Tanner and me that they were over and done with Destroy The Runner. They asked that we do not try to continue DTR or use it’s name, and that none of the 3rd album be released. This was a huge shock and disappointment to us. Yes, Bruce had already recorded on one song (he sounded amazing), and I was really excited and honored to be screaming with Bruce on a song. Unfortunately, no one will ever be able to hear that song. I wrote Bruce a personal apology for the way things had gone down, and he told me that he is definitely open to do something again in the future. He is an awesome guy, and I am excited to work with him again.

So where do you guys go from hear? Do any of you have any side projects you or any of the other guys are working on?
Yes, Tanner and I have a band called Chapter 14. We have never really done anything with Chapter 14, but we are really excited for Chapter 14’s future. We will release an album later this year with Chapter 14. Duane and Maldy have a side project band as well, and is similar to Mew and Sigur Ros.

What are some of your favorite memories of DTR?
Meeting different amazing people from touring, and traveling to amazing places. I just love the fact that I got to share that with my friends, and I am very thankful as well.

What was your favorite show?
Our last show in Lancaster was pretty amazing. The kids were going crazy, dancing, and singing along. It was great.

Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
I really want to thank all of you for the support over the years. I want all of you to know that I wanted the 3rd DTR album to be released, but it is not in my power and out of my hands. I truly apologize for this. Please keep an eye and ear out for Chapter 14 and the album will be out later this year. Thank you Steve for giving me an outlet to say goodbye to my fans. I am so thankful for this opportunity and for the time I had with DTR.

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  1. Weird that they’d throw it all away in the middle of recording an album. Why not at least finish it?

  2. Gogoplata1980 says:

    I agree, it’s very strange.

  3. I think its crappy that the two guys that quit are asking them not to finish the record and not use the name. If you want to quit that’s fine. But don’t make everyone elses dreams go away. They worked hard to get where they were, why can’t they finish recording. Pretty selfish.

  4. Loren Wade says:

    This make me like them even less now… and I loved Saints. HUGE letdown.

  5. Phil Recognition says:

    hmm. the only reason i would say that i understand a situation like this is if the two guys had a good reason for being done with the band, and if they were original members. i haaate it when bands (especially established ones) lose their vocalist or member that distinguishes them and does not change the name. coughhastethedaycough

  6. Joel Piper of Confide was in Chapter 14 a long time ago. Chapter 14 was not a “Christian” band.

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