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Email interview with Mel Denisse, who handles vocals, guitar, and piano in Maisie. Read below to learn about the band’s history, their future, & the upcoming new EP.


First off, since you’ll be new to most of our readers, can you give us a quick back story?

Basically music has always been a part of my life, but when God came into my life that changed my passion in music. I started writing what I had learned from Him through how my life has changed, as well as the hard things I have been through. I started writing in May of 2008 and things started progressing from there when I ended up recording a short EP in December of that year.

Where did the name Maisie come from?

I always get asked this and try to come up with a cool answer, but honestly it just came to me one day and I used it because I had nothing else at the time. Now it just ended up sticking! I like it though. It’s simple and short.

Are you originally from Nashville or did you move there? How has the music scene there treated you?

I just moved up here in the beginning of October. I knew exactly how it would be once I got here, and it’s the first time in my life I have been so sure about something. The music scene is definitely a bit challenging because every other person seems to be a musician.

Describe your overall sound.

It’s funny because I don’t think the first EP gives off much of my true sound. The stuff that’s being put into the new EP is a lot more intense lyrically and musically. It’s also a bit heavier, but you don’t have to expect another girl band who head bangs all over stage.

Who are some of your musical or lyrical influences?

Ken Andrews, Year Of The Rabbit, Abandoned Pools, Filter, Thursday, etc. The list goes on.

How did you get into writing and performing music? Did you discover the desire at a young age or is it more recent?

Music started for me around 9 when I was at an acting camp only to discover they had singing too. That pretty much did it for me.

You released the Visions EP in December of 2008. Was this your first recording? How do you feel the album was received overall?

Yeah, this was the very first thing I got recorded. Honestly, it was just so new to me. People have been so supportive it’s unbelievable! I wasn’t expecting to reach out to as many people as I did or even sell the amount that I have so far. I figured it’s worth going somewhere then and only to grow from there.

Given that it has been a year since the EP, have the new songs you’ve written changed at all from that sound?

Well, December will mark one year since the EP. The new songs are very different since I’ve taken a year to really find myself in writing.

One of your blogs stated that you found a new bass player and that more members were coming. Does that mean we can expect a full band behind you on the new material?

Yeah. The new EP is going to be a full band as well as upcoming shows.

I read that you are working on a new EP. Can you give us any early details on that?

A few names were being tossed around, but nothing is definite yet. A possible title is “The Waiting Room”. It’ll probably be a 5-6 track EP that’ll be released towards the end of this year or early next year.

Where are you recording?

The recording will be here in Nashville.

Is Maisie a part-time or full-time deal currently? If it isn’t, do you hope to be able to do this full time?

Currently, part-time. Over the year there’s been a lot of people reaching out, but it just gets very complicated at times. If it becomes a full-time thing, then great. If not, I’ll still be making music regardless.

What are some goals you’d like to achieve with the band?

In doing music and having a band, I just hope we can use that gift we have to release so much more to this world and generation. We don’t want to play a show and have people get fixated on how high we might sing or how awesome a guitar solo was. We want hearts and lives to be impacted and moved with what we’re saying through music.

Do you view Maisie as a ministry or just a band that is made up of Christians?

Lately I feel like it is a ministry to me only because I think of the reason why I do music, and it’s spreading a message of hope.

Last question, name a few bands or specific albums that you’ve been listening to quite a bit lately.

I’ve been listening to Lost Ocean and The Myriad. I don’t get into too many new bands, but those have pulled some spark in me.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Just want to say thanks for the support for this past year and keep checking out for updates on the new EP and shows to be coming up!

Don’t forget to check out the exclusive free download of Maisie’s song “Your Promise” right here on IVM!

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