Smalltown Poets

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Smalltown Poets‘ latest offering, a 7-song EP titled Under The New Sun, will be available Oct. 16th on iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon, and most anywhere you can buy digital music. The EP’s title pays homage to the band’s early days; it’s a lyric from a song by the 90s band Villanelle (a previous incarnation of SP, containing three of its members). That phrase, Under The New Sun, sums up many of the themes of this new project: death and rebirth, renewal, restoration, and resurrection. As much fun as the guys had in 2011 creating Smalltown Poets Christmas, they’ve gotten back to their roots on UTNS by crafting lyric-intensive songs from the ground up, doing their best to turn a few phrases, sneak in a few puns, and invite the listener to dive in and bring his/her own imagination.

Smalltown Poets burst onto the Christian music scene with their Grammy-nominated self-titled debut on Ardent/Forefront (EMI) in 1997 and released two more albums with the Memphis based label. Three number one singles and a total of ten top ten radio hits helped garner two Best Rock Gospel Grammy nominations, seven Dove Award nominations (including best new artist) and a Billboard Music video award for the band. In 2004 the band released It’s Later Than It’s Ever Been on BEC(EMI). After a seven year hiatus from touring, the band performed Christmas concerts across the South and Midwest in December of 2011, and are in the process of booking future tour dates.

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