Must Build Jacuzzi

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Today is release day for an album I am really excited to share. This ska-pop-punk-core (whatever you want to call them because they defy all definitions) from the state of Illinois called Must Build Jacuzzi have put together an insane collection of songs assembled in an album known as “Last Place”. Today is release day for this album that all of us are truly proud of thrilled to put in front of all you avid underground music fans. Their music, their style, their presentation, should appeal to fans all across the music spectrum not just those that lean toward “skacore”. Just listen here and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This album is now available through all digital networks, streaming sites, and on CD/Tape from IVM right here and here. If you want to check out this album further then click over here on to give it a full listen. Make sure you pick up a cd and merch from the band when they play a show near you this summer. The band will also have merch on hand at their release show in May.

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