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IVM is proud to present our two latest compilations titled “Family & Friends Sampler 2 & 3” which is available now through all digital networks, streaming sites, and on CD here in a special 3 pack. CDs will ship July 11th-13th. The samplers feature a variety of artists from pop-punk and emo to post hardcore, indie rock, and more punk rock goodness. There is even a little hardcore punk (The Blamed) to get you pumped up! Check out the track listing below. Purchase on Bandcamp here as well.

Orange County, CA. (July 6, 2018)- In celebration of the 18th anniversary of Indie Vision Music (IVM for short), the site/label releases two new compilations filled to the brim with exciting new music from a variety of artists. Some bands return to make a special appearance like 7-10 Split, The Blamed, and Slow Coming Day, plus new song from the ex-Hawk Nelson band – Aid & Effect. You’ll also find a new song by former Stairwell and Bloodshed singer – Jonathan Caro under the band name My Compatriots. You can find artists in genres like Pop-punk, Emo, Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Post Hardcore, and even a little Hardcore Punk. Featuring new and unreleased music from the following bands:
Family & Friends Sampler 2
1. The Blamed – Speaking To A Cold Room Of People Who Need Heat
2. As We Are – No Turning Back
3. DENS – Will You Keep Out All The Sadness?
4. The Prettybads – You’re The One For Me
5. Aid & Effect (Ex-Hawk Nelson) – Making Things New
6. Samuel Powers – Wonder
7. Grandpa Loves Rhinos – If Death Rolls Dice
8. Names Without Numbers – Goodnight
9. Must Build Jacuzzi – 3rd Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad
10. Small Wars – Sweetest Girl
11. Collington – Here We Go
12. Brave Days – Family Tree
13. RELENT – Rise
14. Reliance – Reborn
15. My Compatriots (Ex-Stairwell) – A Blanket of Clouds
16. Courage, Dear Heart – The Spark

Family & Friends Sampler 3
1. 7-10 Split – The Messenger Has Fallen
2. At The Wayside – This Road
3. Slow Coming Day – All Things New
4. Poetic Descent – Close Encounter
5. Mainframe – Burn The Boats (Radio Edit)
6. Light The Way – Holy Ghost
7. Heart Like War – Screaming
8. Homestate – Breathe
9. Grave Robber – The Night Evelyn Came Out From The Grave
10. Sef Idle – I Don’t Remember
11. Jeremy Ryan – No Other Way
12. I Am Spartacus – Nobody Wants To Be a Hipster
13. Reckless Threat – We Are The Ones
14. Rolemodel – Fortunes
15. The Bricks – We Live
16. No Lost Cause – Slow It Down
17. The Pear Republic – Refuge Forever
18. B is Bridgie – Fair Warning

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