Family & Friends Sampler 1

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The brand new IVM compilation titled “Family & Friends Sampler 1” will be available beginning Christmas Day at IVM Bandcamp here. Featuring 20 bands/songs all on one CD for $3 and if you purchase at Bandcamp you’ll get entire digital album immediately with 4 bonus tracks. CDs will begin shipping January 22nd. Get a ton of great songs from artists including Craig’s Brother, Dogwood, Light The Way, Fire The Sun, At The Wayside, Must Build Jacuzzi, Mainframe, and more….. See full tracklisting below.

IVM Family & Friends Sampler 1

1. Craig’s Brother “Meilynn’s Song”
2. Light The Way “Snapping Necks & Cashing Checks”
3. Dogwood “Titles”
4. Fire The Sun “The Volume of Silence”
5. Must Build Jacuzzi “Swing Set Summer”
6. Delta Fleet “Traffic”
7. Young Poet “Stretch Armstrong (Ft. Brendan Frey)
8. Mainframe “Undivided Devotion”
9. At The Wayside “How We Live”
10. American Arson “Revival In My Lungs”
11. Blank Pages “I’ll Be There”
12. Pleading Guilty “Eye2Eye”
13. Mainsail “My Storm”
14. Voyagers “Warning Sign”
15. 2Minute Minor “Change My Life”
16. TAKE “More To Live For”
17. Longing To Be Found “One Day”
18. I Still Dream “Eternia”
19. Eaves “Whispers”
20. Hostile Array “Devoid”

-Bonus Tracks (Bandcamp only) –
21. Shake It Up “Everything That Makes You Wonder”
22. Available At The Counter “The Hardest Part of Letting Go”
23. Calling Down Fire “Sailor’s Creek”
24. Evergreen “Encounter The Glorious”

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