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Since weekends are typically slow time of posting here on IVM I figured i’d post a little something for you guys to ponder. I did post this on Facebook to generate some comments so feel free to repost those comments here and join in the discussion right here on IVM. buy jeld wen windows online.

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I wrote this piece for my Grandfather’s funeral that took place on Friday. In case you didn’t know, my grandfather went into the hospital about 3 weeks ago because of a collapsed lung from a biopsy procedure the week before. They went in to remove the cancerous tumor a few days later and discovered that the cancer had already spread throughout his body. The family decided to let him come home with hospice care and live out his final days. His health deteriorated quite quick and he passed away on August 15th at his home. We knew he was up there in age (84, one week before his 85th Birthday) and had lived a great life but we just didn’t realize it would happen so fast. I miss him and this piece titled “A Remembrance” is for him. This also explains why my involvement with IVM has been kind of sporadic over the past 3 weeks. Family comes first and I put this site on the back burner. Anyway, here is what I wrote. Buy Creative Suite Cheap Mac there.

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Staff Blog – Brandon Jones: The Forgotten Classics

Staff Blog – Brandon Jones: The Forgotten Classics

Today’s blog is mostly about those long forgotten “Classics”, the bands and/or albums that have been largely overlooked by a new generation (and those that follow). I made a post about this on my facebook page and I figured i’d elaborate on the subject here. Here is what was said: Even though some bands have enjoyed recent reunions (and success), there are numerous others that have been virtually forgotten. Our society moves at such a quick pace that some truly inspirational and innovative bands have been left in the dust. Why is it that the “industry” hardly looks back at what makes current music so great? I know that in the Christian market, there is barely any room for “Classics” and the trend is to keep progressing forward to the point that we forget where we came from. Every decade has some winners and losers but let’s embrace the past and remember the “once greats” for then we’ll know what makes us so great. …continue reading

Staff Blog: Brandon Jones February 29th

Staff Blog: Brandon Jones February 29th

I feel I should pull this post out every few years so people can get to know me and my vision for IVM. I wrote this in February of 2009 but much of it is still true and relevant to my life today. …continue reading