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Papertowns. – Passion/Aggression

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Stephen Sarro has uploaded all the Tantrum of the Muse recordings on to their Thesis On Service Delivery. . I have a feeling a lot of you will be in to this new band.

Maranatha/Sanhedrin – Split

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Two passionate, DIY bands on a mission to bring back the sounds of old school hardcore.

Sanhedrin / Maranatha – Split “Stream”

Sanhedrin / Maranatha – Split “Stream”

Maranatha and Sanhedrin have officially posted their new 3 song ep for streaming via HM Magazine. You can listen to it below. What do you think? …continue reading

Sanhedrin / Maranatha “Split” Coming Soon

Sanhedrin / Maranatha “Split” Coming Soon

According to this post on Facebook, there will be a Sanhedrin / Maranatha “Split” release in the near future.

Unteachers / Grace & Thieves Split Now Available for Pre-Order

Unteachers / Grace & Thieves Split Now Available for Pre-Order

Check out the new Unteachers (Ex-Tantrum of the Muse) / Grace & Thieves split 7″ available right here for pre-order from Veritas Vinyl. You’re going to love this one.


Interview : Maranatha

I met Collin in California on November 22, 2003 at the Showcase Theater. He was playing in Shawn Jonas of Zao’s new band Symphony In Peril. We became fast friends, and I have followed Collin’s musical and design career ever since. When he posted the Band Camp link to his new solo project Maranatha, I was stoked to say the least. After hearing what Steven Cosand of Overcome did with Sanhedrin by himself. I knew Collin’s project had to be …continue reading

Maranatha (Ex-Symphony in Peril) “Incarnate” Now Available

Maranatha (Ex-Symphony in Peril) “Incarnate” Now Available

A release sure to cause a commotion and some healthy discussion is this new album “Incarnate” from one man band, Maranatha. Maranatha is the project of Collin Simula, a former member of the Facedown Records band, Symphony in Peril. Listen/Download the “Incarnate” album by Maranatha below (name your price on bandcamp). …continue reading