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Buy Adobe Extended Reviews. will appear in “Anniversary”. The band is hoping to release the album in the May/June timeframe. Who else is looking forward to this record?

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Tomorrow morning I’ll be interviewing Shane Ochsner, the man behind amazing post-hardcore band Hands and now his latest project Custom Note Paper. . I know it’s short notice, but I think we can come up with some interesting questions before then. If you have any questions for Shane, put them in the comments below, as many as you want. The interview will be posted later in the week.

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When I Learn to Sing
The process of finding a front man for a rap-rock band is no simple task. There are many stringent qualifications that must be met. You need someone who can hype up a crowd, rhyme words at a fifth grade level, look good in parachute pants and a backwards hat… and maybe even sing. Matters became complicated to an even further extent in the case of Christian rap-rock bands circa the year http://www.barczi.elte.hu/?dissertation-analysis-paper Dissertation Analysis Paper. …

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Rock The Party

Around the turn of the century a new genre of music would see a meteoric rise in popularity. Teenage boys were stoked. Music critics were not. This genre would come to be known as “rap-rock”. Rap-rock was exactly what it claimed to be, a mixture of hip-hop and alternative rock or metal, usually played with down-tuned guitars and loads of testosterone fueled angst.

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We’re A Band

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God Gave Rock and Roll to You: Part 7 – Let It Begin

Let It Begin

I’ve always been one of those guys who shakes his presents. I’ve also been known to ask clever, probing questions in an attempt to sucker a gift giver into accidentally letting an all important hint slip out about what I might be receiving. To be completely honest, I probably find just as much (if not more) satisfaction in figuring out what a gift is before opening it as I do in the actual gift itself. It’s rare …continue reading

God Gave Rock and Roll to You: Part 6 – Best Kept Secret

God Gave Rock and Roll to You: Part 6 – Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret

It’s hard to keep anything hidden for long in a town with a population of less than 2,000 people. You know who’s at the post office by looking at the cars parked out front. If you are walking down the street and see someone working in their yard, chances are you’ll know each other by name. If a kid gets a speeding ticket (or God forbid a minor) it seems like the lady at the …continue reading