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An Honest Mistake – An Honest Mistake Ep

Download : An Honest Mistake – An Honest Mistake Ep

I actually found this band, An Honest Mistake, through a review in HM Magazine’s latest issue (Pick of the Litter section/Issue#149). So I looked them up on Facebook, checked out a few songs and asked if they’d want to be on “Punk Never Dies“. Darren Teh (Lead Vocals/Guitar) actually wrote me back saying they were totally down for the compilation and would actually give me a brand new track off an upcoming album they are recording right now. Then Darren sent me their last album “Self Titled” released 2010, and here we are. Although they are a six member band and feature a “violinist” don’t automatically assume they are a Yellowcard knockoff, they are far from it. I am sure they took the Yellowcard inspiration and built upon it mixing in so many different style variations that results in this explosive, yet melodic 7 track independent ep that we are now offering you for free right here on Indie Vision Music. They are pretty much a “pop-punk” band but they also mix in variants of something called “easycore” which is basically a term referring to pop-punk bands mixing in a little hardcore energy with their music. I call it fun. Enjoy! …continue reading

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