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Get Poor Old Lu “The Great Unwound” for FREE!

Get Poor Old Lu “The Great Unwound” for FREE!

Download the latest Poor Old Lu song, “The Great Unwound”, for free until July. Get it below. How many of you would support a Poor Old Lu reunion record/crowd funding campaign? …continue reading

Poor Old Lu – All Pretty For the TV

Video Flashback : Poor Old Lu – All Pretty For the TV

Today’s Video Flashback comes from the Alt-Rock band, Poor Old Lu, which released several (awesome) albums in the early to late 90’s on Alarma Records. The band attempted a short lived come back of sorts in 2002 with their Tooth & Nail album “The Waiting Room”. The band featured brothers Aaron Sprinkle (Fair/Rose Blossom Punch/Studio Producer/Solo) and Jesse Sprinkle (has gone on to play in bands like Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Morellas Forest, Serene, and solo work), Nick Barber (also of Fair), and Scott Hunter. The band were true pioneers but mostly were unknown outside the confines of the underground Christian market. This song “All Pretty For the TV” appeared on the band’s “Mindsize” album (1993 Alarma Records). “Sin” and “Mindsize” were some of my first “Christian” alt-rock purchases in the early 90’s while I was in high school after discovering the “scene” (again). Such a great band. …continue reading






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