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Interview : Maranatha

I met Collin in California on November 22, 2003 at the Showcase Theater. He was playing in Shawn Jonas of Zao’s new band Symphony In Peril. We became fast friends, and I have followed Collin’s musical and design career ever since. When he posted the Band Camp link to his new solo project Maranatha, I was stoked to say the least. After hearing what Steven Cosand of Overcome did with Sanhedrin by himself. I knew Collin’s project had to be …continue reading

Collin / Maranatha Interview

Collin / Maranatha Interview

I know a lot of you had questions regarding the Maranatha project from Collin Simula (Ex-Symphony in Peril) and the “Incarnate” album. Well, Buzzgrinder just got done interviewing Collin and you can read that right here. If you haven’t heard this Maranatha “Incarnate” album yet, check it out below. …continue reading

Maranatha (Ex-Symphony in Peril) “Incarnate” Now Available

Maranatha (Ex-Symphony in Peril) “Incarnate” Now Available

A release sure to cause a commotion and some healthy discussion is this new album “Incarnate” from one man band, Maranatha. Maranatha is the project of Collin Simula, a former member of the Facedown Records band, Symphony in Peril. Listen/Download the “Incarnate” album by Maranatha below (name your price on bandcamp). …continue reading






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