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Solamors – Depravity’s Demise

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Jason Wisdom and Alex Kinas (formerly) of Becoming the Archetype team up with Travis Turner (Aletheian) to bring a new album that blends the combined member’s past work with a hopeful new future. But, can “Depravity’s Demise” get out from the shadow of the often similar “Celestial Completion”? Read on to find out. Executive Mba Essays.

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Leading up to its release on December 24, Solamors is streaming their full album, Depravity’s Demise, on Bandcamp. Check out the stream below and ordering details here. …continue reading

Solamors Pre-Order Goes Live!

Solamors Pre-Order Goes Live!

Melodic death metal band, Solamors, has launched pre-orders for their new album “Depravity’s Demise” right here. You can listen to two tracks and find more info, below. This album will be available in two different versions, a 24 bit/96khz audiophile version and a 16 bit/44.1 khz standard version. Pretty cool options. Solamors features previous members of Becoming the Archetype and Aletheian/Crutch. …continue reading

Afterimage – Unveil the Unseen (Full Album Stream)

Stream : Afterimage – Unveil the Unseen (Full Album Stream)

I am excited to bring you the full album stream from Chicago, Illinois based Metal band, Afterimage. The album is titled “Unveil the Unseen”. Afterimage would please fans of Extol, Becoming the Archetype, Scar Symmetry, and In Flames. Look for this album on sale soon. …continue reading

Anchors Launches Kickstarter

Anchors Launches Kickstarter

Anchors has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new project, “Music of the Spheres.” This release will be a follow-up to their 2010 debut EP, “Music of the Future.” Check out the Kickstarter and the extremely detailed video below for more information. …continue reading

Solamors Release New Song

Solamors Release New Song

Solamors, (Ex-Becoming The Archetype and Aletheian) have released the first preview of an unmastered full song from their upcoming debut album “Depravity’s Demise”, which you can listen to below. The band is currently trying to raise funds via Kickstarter to support the production of the album. …continue reading

Metaphysical Monthday: Martians Matter

Metaphysical Monthday: Martians Matter

Sometimes, as Stephen King said, the most mind-boggling thing is size. Size conquers all. The sheer size of the known universe, for example, crushes the mind when you just consider it.

As I think about the mysteries and wonders in creation, usually my mind turns to the insanely vast reaches of space. Recently, scientists discovered a galaxy that is much, much larger than any galaxy was expected to be capable of. The physical limits on the size of a galaxy that …continue reading

Solamors Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Solamors Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Solamors recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their debut album, Depravity’s Demise. …continue reading

Solamors to Release “Depravity’s Demise” Spring 2013

Solamors to Release “Depravity’s Demise” Spring 2013

Former band mates, Jason Wisdom (ex Becoming The Archetype) and Alex Kenis (Aletheian, BTA) have joined forces once again to form the melodic death metal outfit Solamors. Travis Turner, (UnTeachers, Aletheian) will handle the drums. The band is currently in the studio recording their debut album, “Depravity’s Demise”. The album is planned for release sometime in Spring 2013. The band recently revealed an audio teaser of some demo material via their soundcloud: Updates can be found on the band’s website/facebook: …continue reading

Metaphysical Monthday:  Month 1

Metaphysical Monthday: Month 1

You may have noticed a subtle change in the title of this column. You may have also noticed I haven’t posted a Metaphysical Monday for several weeks. Both of these situations exist because I’m working hard at turning Kafka’s Metamorphosis into a reality. It’s taking longer than it did in the book, but so far, I am successful: my body is slowly turning into a bug. A beetle, actually. Sadly, not a Beatle.

Anywho, the point of all this is that …continue reading

New Band Featuring Former Becoming The Archetype & Aletheian Members

New Band Featuring Former Becoming The Archetype & Aletheian Members

Jason Wisdom (ex-Becoming The Archetype) announced that he joined the “progressive, melodic, death metal band”, Solamors, as frontman. The band features former BTA member, Alex Kenis (ex Aletheian/Crutch) as well as Travis Turner (Unteachers & ex Aletheian/Crutch). The band is working on their debut full length, titled Depravity’s Demise, & hope to finish this Spring.

Metaphysical Monday:  Setting Proper Goals

Metaphysical Monday: Setting Proper Goals

Now that we’re a mere two weeks away from the beginning of a new year, it’s time to turn our thoughts both forward and backward (doing so simultaneously is not advised. Unless you’re one of those crazy multi-task people or something).

Lots of people like to make New Year’s Resolutions, which is a big, fancy term for “pipe dreams.” If you’re one of those people, good luck. Regardless, the new year is a good time to set realistic goals. You know, …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday: Seek To Illuminate

Metaphysical Monday: Seek To Illuminate

You have heard it said “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”  But I say to you, seek to use your communication to illuminate the truth in the best possible way.

Many of us are familiar with the Ninth Commandment in this form, taken from the King James Version.  I think this translation (made over 400 years ago) has led to a fair amount of confusion and misunderstanding.  In regards to this commandment, it obfuscates the spirit of the law.  

When you look …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Advent Season

Metaphysical Monday: Advent Season

No, you silly hxc kids, this article isn’t about the hardcore band Advent. It’s about a season that happens at the end of the year.

The Advent Season isn’t something I knew much about as a kid. Growing up Baptist, I think the whole calendar of church seasons was seen as a sort of hokey thing that Catholics did. Now, as the music leader of an Episcopal Church, I’m having to learn about such things as Advent season, such as the …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Church Branding

Metaphysical Monday: Church Branding

I spoke a couple weeks ago about branding and its use in modern business, especially the artistic world. As I thought more about it, I started to see that this view of branding an identity on an enterprise has invaded the church as well.

I confess I’m guilty of this misconception about church as well. I actually caught myself thinking about how the Episcopal church I work at brands itself. How lame is that? We know that a church should be …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Thanksgiving Thesaurus

Metaphysical Monday: Thanksgiving Thesaurus

Are you feeling lonely this Thanksgiving? Need a friend for the holiday season?

Look no further than the brand new 2012 Thanksgiving Thesaurus! Built like a rhino with the appetite of a T-Rex, this baby will keep you warm and toasty whether you’ve got a fireplace or just a cup of hot cocoa! Inside you’ll find a veritable smorgasbord of tasty etymological treats such as:

Etymological – adjective

synonyms include: dialectal, grammatical, lexemic, lexical, lingual, morphological, philological, phonemic, phonetic, phonological, syntactical

You’ll wanna secure …continue reading

All Folked Up (Brandon Michael Williams & Seth Hecox) – Last Time I Asked For More

Stream : All Folked Up (Brandon Michael Williams & Seth Hecox) – Last Time I Asked For More

We are proud to bring you an exclusive stream of the new song from Brandon Michael Williams & Seth Hecox (of Becoming the Archetype) titled “Last Time I Asked For More”. You can listen to the song below and let everyone know what you think. The “All Folked Up” album will be released on December 4th. …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Asparagus Pee

Metaphysical Monday: Asparagus Pee

Whew, that stuff stinks!





Know what I mean?

All Folked Up (Brandon Michael Williams & Seth Hecox) – Without a Spark

All Folked Up (Brandon Michael Williams & Seth Hecox) – Without a Spark

Brandon Michael Williams and Seth Hecox (of Becoming the Archetype) release first song from their folk project, “All Folked Up” via bandcamp today. Listen below and read the full press release. The debut album will be out December 4th. Look for a second song “Last Time I Asked for More” debuting on Indie Vision Music beginning November 12th. …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Selling Yourself

Metaphysical Monday: Selling Yourself

Success in the music biz has become quite a convoluted, confusing concept. Not that it was ever easily understood, but in modern times, success in the music industry seems to have very little to do with the actual music an artist or band produces and more about all the surrounding factors. Now I can rant about this all day, but this is not the time nor the place to rant. Instead, I’d like to note a peculiar aspect of thi …continue reading

7 Incredibly Energetic Metal and Hardcore Albums You Need to Hear Before You Die

7 Incredibly Energetic Metal and Hardcore Albums You Need to Hear Before You Die

Energy is something that is extremely hard to gauge on a music album. Energy is the tone and excitement portrayed by the musicians. It’s the passion you hear in the sound. But how does one contain the energy of The Chariot and put that into an album? If you’ve ever seen them live, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Or Emery. They know energy. Ever notice the first track on any of their albums is one …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Mississippi Mudslide

Metaphysical Monday: Mississippi Mudslide

Metaphysical Monday is back, baby! Go tell all your friends! Actually, they probably already know, so… uh, go tell you grandparents!

I am fresh off that relaxing hiatus I just took. I can’t tell you how much it recharges the batteries to just step away for a minute and run around like a chicken with your head cut off for a few weeks. The frantic, break-neck pace I maintained the last couple weeks were a little insane. At one point, I …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Writing Hiatus

Metaphysical Monday: Writing Hiatus

Hey guys, I love writing this column, and I know you love reading it more than life itself (what?  You don’t?  How arrogant of me?), but I will unfortunately have to put the column on pause while I do CD release show stuff.  My band, Becoming The Archetype, has just released a new album and now we must do what all good Christian bands do:  play CD release shows and show how super-incredibly-sick our new material is.  Yeah.

So I’ll be …continue reading

Becoming the Archetype

Becoming the Archetype have released their explosive, pummeling new metal album, “I Am” via Solid State Records, and it’s available wherever fine music is sold.

Metaphysical Monday:  The Art of Cooking

Metaphysical Monday: The Art of Cooking

We may love music and movies and everything else, but one art form that is both more necessary and less appreciated is the art of cooking.  Cooking quality food not only pleases our pallet, but it also provides basic nourishment to our body.

I had never really paid much attention to exquisite flavors and subtle differences in the quality of food until recently.  The last couple years, my wife has made me realize what a meal is capable of in terms of artistic …continue reading

Becoming the Archetype – The Time Bender

Music Video : Becoming the Archetype – The Time Bender

The brand new Becoming the Archetype music video for “The Time Bender” is here. Check it out below. [Courtesy of Metalinjection.net] …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Thinking Through Writing (or Speaking)

Metaphysical Monday: Thinking Through Writing (or Speaking)

The process employed by the human brain while thinking is fascinating and widely varied. A brain at work employs lots of different methods for it’s mental progress, including but not limited to: deduction, induction, abstract conjecture, concrete analysis and even that enigmatic occurrence called intuition.

Through the experience of writing these Metaphysical Monday articles, I’ve come to realize a peculiar aspect of my brain’s modus operandi; namely, that I something think best when I speak (or type) out my thoughts. On …continue reading

Becoming The Archetype – I Am

Review : Becoming The Archetype – I Am

Becoming The Archetype has regrouped and returned with a vengeance! Check out the review of their upcoming album, I Am. …continue reading

Becoming the Archetype – The Planet Maker

Becoming the Archetype – The Planet Maker

Becoming the Archetype have revealed another new song from their upcoming album “I Am” and it’s called “The Planet Maker”, which you can listen to here.

Metaphysical Monday:  Music Videos

Metaphysical Monday: Music Videos

Listening to music is an aural experience. Watching a video is in itself a visual experience. Viewing a music video combines the two in a (sometimes) good way. All of us remember certain music videos and how they enhanced our appreciation of a particular song. For me, one of those was Becoming The Archetype’s video for Magnetic Sky.

Just kidding.

But seriously, I still enjoy watching that. Jimmie Myers and Troy Stains deserve all the credit for that fine piece of work. …continue reading

Becoming The Archetype Releases “The Eyes Of The Storm”

Becoming The Archetype Releases “The Eyes Of The Storm”

Check out the debut of “The Eyes Of The Storm,” the third track off of Becoming The Archetype‘s upcoming album, I AM——set to drop on September 18th via Solid State Records. I believe the track was released to welcome Hurricane Isaac to the United States, but I’m not entirely sure. In any case, prepare your umbrellas and listen below.

Metaphysical Monday:  Religious Bands

Metaphysical Monday: Religious Bands

I’ve always wondered if other major religions have bands that have overtly evangelical lyrics.  Pardon my ignorance on the subject if there are a ton of them, but I’ve never come across, say, a Muslim punk band.  Or a Sikh hardcore band.

Does anyone find it fascinating that it seems that the Christian subculture is the only subculture that exists whose identity is tied completely to a major world religion?  I mean, even if there were several Hindu djent bands (I’m chuckling a …continue reading

Becoming the Archetype – The Time Bender

Lyric Video : Becoming the Archetype – The Time Bender

Check out the new lyric video from Becoming the Archetype for their new song “The Time Bender”. The band’s new album “I Am” will be out on September 18th. …continue reading

Metaphysical Monday:  Album Covers

Metaphysical Monday: Album Covers

I know it’s old hat to rant about kids these days and their newfangled iPods and iPads and iPhones and their incessant illegal downloading and legal downloading and soulless hoarding of soulless digital music.

I get it.

But instead of rehashing those bummer facts, why don’t we celebrate the goodness of what we love?  I love buying physical copies of great albums by great artists.  Granted, lots of CDs come with garbage artwork that isn’t worth having in the first place.  What …continue reading