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Rebecca Cicione is from southern New Jersey. She will be graduating from Rowan University in May, with a degree in Public Relations. She's interned and worked with various labels and musicians including Come&Live!, Sony/Columbia and Dreamlight Entertainment. Oh and writing is one of her favorite things.

Since Forever

Interview : Since Forever

Before their set on Family Force’s Five “Tourantula” concert in Philadelphia, PA, photographer Chrissy Dumire and I met up with Brendan Johnson (guitar/vox) of Since Forever in the small alley behind The Trocadero in Chinatown. He was finishing up another interview when we got there, yet still entered ours with excitement and an unmatched energy. Despite the fact that my voice recorder was close to being confiscated by venue security who, once again, didn’t believe that we were there a …continue reading

Tourantula Show Review

Review : Tourantula Show Review

Tourantula. Who would expect a less extravagant name for a Family Force 5 tour? Fortunately, no hairy, long-legged arachnids showed their faces at this event (at least not at this particular date), but the show was adventurous nonetheless.

I won’t go into too many details if you haven’t yet seen it, but I will say this – opening band Since Forever has a ton of energy. They’re new to this national tour jamboree and bring an excited, positive, hopeful demeanor to …continue reading

He is We

Interview : He is We

He is We recently finished a stint on the road with The Scene Aesthetic, Carter Hulsey and Plugin Stereo. When they played Wilmington, DE a friend and I met up with Trevor Kelly, half of the boy/girl duo. Their performance was great. While most of the audience members were not familiar with the band’s songs, more than half were singing along as vocalist Rachel Taylor taught the crowd a chorus or two. After their set we met up with Trevor …continue reading

Before There Was Rosalyn

Interview : Before There Was Rosalyn

Some people are just really legit people to hang out with. Hilarious, sincere and not afraid to have a chill conversation. The guys in Before There Was Rosalyn fit this description quite well. During our rather long conversation on a freezing cold winter night outside the Ukraine Center in Philadelphia, photographer Chrissy Dumire and I listened as they shared with us why it is they’re sticking it out on the hard road of touring, how they stay accountable to each other and even how much they love their moms. Read on. …continue reading

Rebecca Cicione

Top Albums
1. My Epic – Yet
2. House Of Heroes – Suburba
3. Anberlin – Dark is the Way, Light is the Place
4. Tyler James – It Took The Fire
5. Ascend The Hill – Hymns: Take The World But Give Me Jesus
6. Sons Of God – The Genesis Prologue (EP)
7. Abel – Lesser Men
8. Mike Mains & The Branches – Home
9. Write This Down – Write This Down
10.  Gabriel The Machine – Your Friends and Loved Ones …continue reading

sosaveme – A Ghost at Sea

Review : sosaveme – A Ghost at Sea

Artist: sosaveme

Album: A Ghost at Sea

Label: none

Reviewer: Rebecca Cicione …continue reading

My Epic

Interview : My Epic

To risk sounding rather cliché, I’d like to start off by saying that My Epic is – well, epic in every way. Whether it’s the music, lyrics, stage presence or the heart of the band itself, “epic” is a rather fitting term all around.

Back before “epic” was the buzz word and before they had ever played a show – lead singer Aaron Stone liked to use the term. …continue reading

Bradley Hathaway

Interview : Bradley Hathaway

(photo by Olivia Sharpe)

Bradley Hathaway is a poet turned musician. His thoroughly open and honest lyrics have both attracted and turned away fans of all ages. From my observation, he seems to have one of those “love it or hate it” styles. But the types and amount of fans that Bradley has, might surprise you.

Hardcore kids and swaying indie students alike will sit and listen to hi …continue reading

John Mark McMillan

Interview : John Mark McMillan

Check out this great interview with John Mark McMillan …continue reading

House of Heroes

Interview : House of Heroes

I’ll admit it – I’m a huge House of Heroes fan. Ever since I first saw them at Purple Door Festival a few years back I’ve been hooked. Now as I sit here and hope that someone decides to buy me a copy of the seemingly amazing Suburba (hint hint, Gotee) – I’m absolutely stoked to share with all of you the conversation I had with Tim a few weeks ago. …continue reading


Interview : Newsboys

For a band like The Newsboys, everything’s been said – and it’s been said a million different ways. I doubt there’s a single person in the Christian music scene that hasn’t heard of them. They’ve seen six records go gold, countless #1 hits, Dove awards and national and global press. After having participated in countless interviews, these guys have gotten smart. So much so, that during our …continue reading

Behind The Scenes of Ascend The Hills’ Hymns Record!

Interview : Behind The Scenes of Ascend The Hills’ Hymns Record!

“More than anything – even more than being creative or technical – we wanted again, for the presence of God to be the shining point for this record,” says Ascend The Hill front man Joel Davis.

Ascend The Hill recently came to the conclusion of their time in the studio. The finished product: a full-length hymns record. Eight favorite hymns ranging from “I Surrender All” to “How Great Thou Art” were recreated to engage listeners and lead them into a time of praise and worship. …continue reading

The Letter Black

Interview : The Letter Black

After signing with Tooth & Nail, The Letter Black wasted no time in making a name for themselves. Their Breaking The Silence EP debuted in 2009, and they gained exposure while on tour with Skillet, Hawk Nelson and Decyfer Down. It was at one of these shows that I first heard them. As I worked their merch table and heard Sarah’s powerful vocals sing to the packed out audience, …continue reading


Interview : Ivoryline

When Ivoryline debuted There Came a Lion, back in 2008, I was asked to provide a short review of the record for a magazine. They were a new band to me. But as soon as I listened, I was hooked. Since then I have been an avid Ivoryline fan – continuously looking forward to the day when they would play a show near me. Well, almost …continue reading

The Fold

Interview : The Fold

With the success of their recent “Every Band In The USA” parody video, rumors quickly spread that the Cyrus clan had filed a lawsuit against the Chicago pop band, The Fold. I caught up with lead singer Dan Castady to find out what happened, how life as an independent band has been, and what’s in the future of The Fold. Also, be sure to check out their full length, Dear Future Come Get Me – if you enjoyed the parody, …continue reading

Rebecca Cicione – Top Albums of 2009

B-Reith – Now Is Not Forever
Passion Pit – Manners
The Glorious Unseen – The Hope That Lies Within You
David Crowder Band – Church Music
Owl City – Ocean Eyes
The Fold – Dear Future, Come Get Me
Abel – The Honest Love EP
Sleeping Giant – Sons of Thunder
Toby Mac – Alive & Transported
Haydon Spenceley – Circles
Chris and Caleb – Reach Out
Days Divide – Aurora
Various Tooth & Nail Artists – Songs From …continue reading

Days Divide – Aurora

Review : Days Divide – Aurora

Band: Days Divide

Title: Aurora

Label: N/A

Release Date: 2009

Review by: Rebecca Cicione


All We Know
Edge Of The Earth
Sunset Eyes
Long Sleeves
Left Behind
The End Has Come
Burn Away
The Getaway

There are some indie bands that deserve attention from music gurus, avid fans, and labels looking for a great investment.  They are a cut above the rest due to their mature sound, high recording quality, and mature songwriting – but they’re sometimes hard to find.

Apparently, Lexington, KY has been hiding hard rock act Days Divide for a little over a year …continue reading

Sleeping Giant

Interview : Sleeping Giant

sleeping giant

A friend and I recently caught up with Tommy, front man of Sleeping Giant, before one of their shows on the  Winds of Plague and Stick to Your Guns tour. A very clean cut, straightedge guy, he spoke about worship, ministry, and plans for a new album. It’s rather lengthy – but more than worth the read. After the interview, we were able to witness their incredibly energetic and powerful set.  With determination and …continue reading

Hawk Nelson

Interview : Hawk Nelson

Since Letters To The President released in 2004, Hawk Nelson has been rocking fans across the world. This Canadian four-piece has four full-length albums to its name, and is currently on the road for the “Awake & Alive Tour” with Skillet, Decyfer Down and The Letter Black. I caught up with Jason at one of the tour stops to ask a few questions. Read on to find out what he had to say about the newest record, and his answer …continue reading

A Road Less Traveled

Interview : A Road Less Traveled

For the past eight years, these five Texans have determinantely traveled the music business road. Many bands have walked (or rather, driven) this path – but A Road Less Traveled has continually proven themselves to be a cut above the rest. With a strong fan base, significant touring schedule, and two full-length releases, ARLT is poised to break through the indie scene rather soon. Their music posseses character, and many instrumental layers. Their songs are catchy and meaningful…and sure to …continue reading

Wolves Among Sleep

Interview : Wolves Among Sleep

Since signing to Blue Duck Records, Wolves Among Sleep has been working hard to establish themselves in the scene. With a name that can be easily confused, a sound that spans genres, and an extreme dedication to fans, this is a hardcore act you will want to check out. Listen in on my chat with bass player Tyler Helstrom during New England’s Soulfest. …continue reading

Deas Vail

Interview : Deas Vail

I caught up with Deas Vail at Purple Door Festival to learn the history of the band and details on their new record. …continue reading