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About Indie Vision Music
Written by Brandon Jones

Indie Vision Music has a rich history and involvement in the music scene at large. I first started the website in July of 2000 as a independent based Christian music webstore. Being inspired by the bands at the time and feeling the spiritual tug on my heart, I decided to embark on a journey to bring people hopeful music with a message.

The website existed as an online store for the better part of 4 years, even morphing into a short lived record label in March of 2003. I put out releases by bands I believed in and released 10 different CDs during our time of operation as a record label. You can find these releases all on our website and currently being offered as free downloads.

Over the years, there were many “Indie Vision Music” shows and promotions. I can’t count on my hands how many shows I booked or promoted on behalf of IVM. In addition to the shows during this time period, there were all the ads in various magazines around the world. The reach of Indie Vision Music was just starting to grow when I slowed down our operations and almost pulled the plug on the whole domain.

Eventually, the website reached a turning point towards the end of 2004 when I decided to put the record label behind me (the first time). I was on the verge of emotional collapse and felt that the site had reached its final end but I feel that God had bigger plans for my life. Simply put, I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. I had run this website (and still do) as a “hobby”, a side project of sorts. I worked in the machining industry and my “real job” put the food on the table and paid the bills. Without the real job, there would never have been an Indie Vision Music.

After spending countless hours on the web for many years reading online zines (magazines in digital format) and scouring the web for news, I realized that there was a certain niche to fill in the form of independent music from Christian faith-based artists and musicians. I wasn’t finding the “news” I wanted to hear (at that particular time) and was searching for a more extensive format to fill my news void. I felt that I could create my own independent online based music webzine and offer all the news, reviews, interviews, and most of all-FREE DOWNLOADS, under one complete source. So with a little prayer and the help from friends, I re-launched Indie Vision Music as an online webzine in February of 2005.

Indie Vision Music has undergone countless re-designs, multiple logos, merch, and through a collection of designers before finally settling into our current “Look” at the end of 09’. I can thank WebXDesign, David McDonald, David Hopper, Nate Dunn, and especially Miika Korppi (of Aatospaja web design) for helping to usher in Indie Vision Music into the digital frontier over the past 7 years. Not to mention the amazing help and work of our managing editor (since 2006), Josh Murphy.

I am a music freak and I love a good song regardless of genre attachments and specifications. A good song is a good song, plain and simple. I have always felt a “calling” so to say in the realm of sharing great independent music from artists who love God and wish to share “Hope” through the music they create. I run Indie Vision Music not to make money, get rich, or look “cool”. I do it because of my love for music, my love for God, and for sharing hopeful music among a growing community of believers. We seek to not only grow the community through love and content but also fundamentally change the environment by running things completely independent of what others are doing. “Independent” and “DIY” are two elements I believe in strongly and will continue to operate in that manner for years to come. We seek to offer REAL hope and change of heart through the music. Feel it, breathe it, embrace it, and listen to the heartbeat of great music.

Indie Vision Music holds no boundaries other than sharing great faith based music and exposing true Christian artists with a generation of youth (and adults) who desire something of more substance. We aren’t here to convert you or shove the word of God down your throats. We exist to share the love of Christ and the hope instilled in us by our creator.

Faith and Entertainment With an Independent Perspective.

-Brandon Jones
Indie Vision Music

24 Responses to 'About Us'

  1. Rachael Benedict says:

    I would like to use “Old School Rocking Crew” in a weekly video for a camp. Is this song royalty free?

  2. thruchristalone777 says:

    Hey Brandon, what happened to the login thingy up in the right-hand corner? It isn’t showing up on any of my devises, and I have had to fill out my info at the bottom of the thread each time that I want to make a post now.

  3. Brandon J. says:

    We had to make some crucial changes to the IVM site in order to get it in functional order again. As you may have seen yesterday, the site crashed and we had trouble getting it back online. It has also been running sort of slow/sluggish for quite some time. Changes needed to happen. So we all decided to do away with user accounts/registration. We also deleted most all content pre-2012 (News, Reviews, Interviews, Downloads, etc). If you have cookies enabled the site should recognize your ip and not prompt you to enter in info each time. It could be a bug on our end and we’ll look into it.

  4. Chandler A. says:

    I don’t know if this has to do with the updates or if it’s the same and I just don’t know, but how do I edit/change my IVM profile picture?

  5. thruchristalone777 says:

    Found it:

  6. Scott says:

    Good stuff Brandon! I’ve really enjoyed IVM over the years. I first came across it back in 2003 with the old format. I was googling reviews for MxPs’s “Before Everything and After”. Haven’t left since. Great job guys!

  7. 서동주 says:

    Um…what is that logo means?

  8. The eye represents “Vision” but people confuse it with the Illuminati which we are all secretly a part of ;) Jk. Really it’s just a harmless logo and I (Brandon) thought it looked cool at the time when I had it designed by Benaiah Clothing.

  9. Gary L Hood says:

    I am trying to find the source where I can get permission to quote lyrics in my book from “The Broken Beautiful” by Ellie Holcomb. I have already gotten 50% permission from Capitol CMG Publishing Co. If you can help me find the site for this need I will appreciate it very much!

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