Demon Hunter Hints at a 2014 Album

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Demon Hunter Hints at a 2014 Album

This is old news to the hip people who follow Dreamweaver Lowest Price Mac. that suggest a MMXIV (2014) release for their 7th studio album. This will be the followup to their 2012 full-length, “True Defiance.”

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    Dibs on the review, lol.

  3. Ok. Now I want to find a way to delete the comment. I was a dork and assumed it was a post by Brandon. Seeing it isn’t makes me feel like I came across as a tool above.

  4. Derek O. says:

    Can we all agree that True Defiance was terrible?

  5. The triptych was their high point for me, though Storm the Gates as still great. I’ve liked each release a bit less than the last since then… but average Demon Hunter is better than what some bands consider really knocking it out of the park in my opinion.

  6. CommanderKeen says:

    Honestly, their only album I don’t listen to as often is the Triptych. I thought True Defiance was a fantastic album, and this new one should be amazing as well. I love the title “Extremist”, and can’t wait to see what ideas they explore lyrically.

  7. Jeff says:

    Summer of Darkness is their best in my opinion.

  8. Scott says:

    I’m not a fan of the scream and then sing on the chorus, structure so I’m not a huge fan of most of Demon Hunter’s work. The World is a Thorn was good though.

  9. says:

    For some reason I always dig Ryan’s singing vocals on the songs. I like the heavy stuff too but the balance between heavy/singing just does it for me. I enjoy most of their work but I agree that something was just missing with True Defiance that made me not go back and visit the album as much as other Demon Hunter stuff. I like Summer of Darkness, The Triptych, Storm the Gates of Hell, and World is a Thorn. I also always thought it’d be cool to get a stripped down almost acoustic type ep or album from these guys, either as a bonus with the new album or as a stand alone.

  10. Lucas says:

    I prefer the more post-hardcore side of heavy music (as opposed to flat out metal) so I don’t love Demon Hunter. That being said I still think “The World is a Thorn” is a superb album. The musicianship is superb all the way through and it seems a lot more melodic and diverse than most of their other albums. My friend who practically worships Demon Hunter thinks it’s their best album too. Don’t really understand the relative distaste for it in comparison to albums like “The Triptych” and “Summer of Darkness”. And I agree, “True Defiance” just sounded like a rehash of everything they’ve ever done. Not a fan.

    • Matthew says:

      Lucas, I love The World is a Thorn too. The Triptych is my favorite also. Those 2 albums are actually my favorite DH albums. I guess I am just “weird!”

  11. John says:

    I think all the albums are good. Personally, True Defiance is my favorite album. I actually think Storm the Gates of Hell might be a tie for my favorite though. And then The Triptych and The World is a Thorn are another tie for second. I really like them all, it’s hard to decide! I’m not the BIGGEST fan of their self-titled album, or Summer of Darkness, however, I do like them. I just like the others more. I personally think every album is good.

  12. Vince says:

    DH is awesome…True Defiance was and still is awesome…all there stuff is good…come on…

  13. Daniel says:

    I always enjoy the band even more when new stuff comes out. I really hate how overrated Triptych is. Granted it’s good, but I feel other albums are way overlooked/under appreciated. They each offer their own different stuff.

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