Owl City (Feat. tobyMac) – Light of Christmas

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Despite the fact that it is not even quite Thanksgiving yet, nothing can stop the music industry from attempting to stretch the season a few weeks by getting Christmas music out there early. Still, if you’re going to bombard us with Christmas music before the day after Thanksgiving (or in July!), what better way than to have VeggieTales, Duck Dynasty, Owl City, and tobyMac come together!

Check out “The Light of Christmas” by Owl City feat. tobyMac, below. The song is from the upcoming Write An Essay My Village. , which also features Duck Commander’s good ol’ Uncle Si.


Now, if only someone could tell me why VeggieTales isn’t out on Blu-ray?

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19 Responses to 'Owl City (Feat. tobyMac) – Light of Christmas'

  1. Donald Meacham says:

    No lie, I like this. Job well done guys.

  2. T says:

    Good stuff!!

    Especailly the Owl City parts.

  3. Iaya says:

    TobyMac is like the Christian Pitbull.

  4. skelly says:

    If Si is narrating the episode I wonder how much they just let him be himself. HEY! Let me tell you a story about a pickle man named larry, Jack.

  5. Taylor C. says:

    Boring song—but Veggie Tales is off the hizzle.

  6. Whyyyy are there little Bobs on Veggie Tales now? Veggie blasphemy. Childhood ruined.

  7. http://www.conacyt.gob.mx/?do-ends-justify-the-means-essay Do Ends Justify The Means Essay. says:

    “Why isn’t Veggie Tales out on Blu-Ray”? Well didn’t you know Lee, Christians are always a few years behind the times. “Blu-Ray” is merely a futuristic term that some people haven’t come to grips with yet. Wait till you bring up digital video streaming or VOD (Video on Demand). Oh noooooooo!! I say this with my tongue planted firmly in cheek. You guys had me laughing at Toby Mac as a “Christian” Pitbul. I see the comparisons now, not to the breed of dog but rather the rap artist ;) Does anyone remember when Toby Mac got mad at IVM for posting a picture of his album cover early?

  8. Ryan says:

    I think that Tobymac’s verses and chorus are a mess. I wish I liked it because I love both artists, but it sounds like they just threw it together in a studio in 5 minutes and look the cuts that were best from a bunch of mess-ups

  9. Andy says:

    In related news, Impending Doom is teaming up with Ryan Clark to write the soundtrack for “A Veggie Tales Armageddon.”

    • Taylor C. says:

      “And he gathered the vegetables together into a place called Salad Armageddon. And the seventh angel poured out his vial of balsamic vinaigrette into the air; and there came a great voice out of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.”
      —Revelation 16:16-17

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