Our brand new FREE punk rock compilation “Punk Never Dies Vol. 2” is now available for your download enjoyment. Check out artist list and download link, below.


Punk Never Dies Vol. 2
Download Punk Never Dies Vol. 2 by clicking this link
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1. False Idle – Where Do We Go *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
2. Man Alive – Limited to a Lifetime (New album “A Light Goes On” out 9/12/13)
3. True Liberty – Standing Tall *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
4. Thirtyseven – The Right Direction *Appears courtesy of Blood & Ink Records
5. Bad Talk – Make it Through (Demo) *Ex-Sent by Ravens
6. The Altar Billies – You Found Me
7. At the Wayside – Drown Us Out *Appears courtesy of Red Cord Records
8. Craig’s Brother - Freedom
9. Eleventyseven – Book of Secrets
10. Grave Robber – Invisible Man
11. A Common Goal – Never Gonna Be *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
12. Jon Ladd – Trust Fund *Ex-7-10 Split
13. Goodnight Wednesday – Live or Die Honk
14. Grandpa Loves Rhinos – Arms Length
15. Bound to Happen – Stand Tall & Never Fall Apart (Featuring Shane Gould of Quick and the Dead/The Animal in Me)
16. Heart Like War – It’s Time
17. Good Luck Varsity – Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose
18. Dogwood – Clemency
19. Young and Heartless – Broken English
20. Olivia The Band – What Dreams Are Made Of
21. A Bright Sky – To Forgive
22. Summertime Dropouts – 1999 *Appears courtesy of Voluminous Records
23. Jump Ship Quick – He Must Increase
24. Metanoia – Dia Nuevo *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
25. The Old-timers – Intro
26. The Old-timers – Joe #1 *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
27. Set Free – Vapor
28. Christ’s Sake - Reborn *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
29. An Honest Mistake – Giddy Up Horsie! This Chase Ain’t Over
30. Praiser – In This I Submit
31. Malokai – You
32. 180 Out – Love Speaks Truth *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
33. Heath and the Checker Shoe Band – Ephesians 4:2 *Ex-Jesse and the Rockers
34. In Our Time – Blank Check
35. Skratchline – Promise
36. Hippos of Doom – Wool Brigade
37. Refuge – No Wolf Shall Pass *Appears courtesy of On the Attack Records
38. Arms Length Away – 10/16/05
39. Rogue Anthem – What to Believe *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
40. Platoon 1107 – For God For Family For Country *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
41. LIV. – The New Liberation *Appears courtesy of On the Attack Records
42. uniSEF – Give Your All
43. Unshackled – Overcome *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
44. Praiser – Woken Up
45. Absolved – The Relativism Plague
46. No Punk Influences – Dead to Sin *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
47. A Southern Baptist Disaster – Aunt Mable’s Memorial *Skratchline members
48. The Hoax – Disorder *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
49. Saint Hooligan – Maniac Punk
50. The Cants – A Charismatic Robot With an Agenda *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
51. Ambassadors of Shalom – Nothing But the Blood *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
52. Living Fire – Redemption of His Love *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
53. Fear God – He Forgets *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
54. The Kings Kids – The Whole Picture *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
55. All the Departed – Infected *Appears courtesy of On the Attack Records
56. The Social Threat – Break Out
57. Almondo - Sound the Alarm
58. The Lonely Revolts – Scum of the Earth *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
59. No Lost Cause – No Weapon *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
60. The Way – The Coming Storm *Appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records

Compilation compiled and assembled by Brandon Jones for Indie Vision Music.

Thanks to all the wonderful bands, labels, promoters, etc. that have lent a hand in making Punk Never Dies Vol. 2 a reality. I appreciate all the kindness and community support in making this dream come true. Thanks David at Thumper Punk Records, Daniel with Blood & Ink Records, On the Attack Records, Ryan Collins of Goodnight Wednesday for the cool commercial, Donovan with The Old-Timers, and Miika Korppi for the rad artwork.

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All compilation artwork designed by Miika Korppi

If you would like more great FREE music from Indie Vision Music, check out our “Compilations” section here for a bunch of great stuff.

This compilation is dedicated to the memory of Glen Young, my grandfather and best friend, may you rest in peace. I look forward to the day we both walk the streets of heaven together. 1928-2013.

-Brandon Jones
Indie Vision Music

About the author Brandon J.

I am 36 years old living in Orange County, CA. with my wife, 2 children, and one teenager. I enjoy living a life for God, Family, Passionate music, the ocean, the mountains, gardening, and working in the Machining industry (Real Job). I founded this site in July of 2000 and love the community we have here. View my new personal blog here. (Check me out on Twitter @brandonaaero) View all posts by Brandon J.

40 Responses to 'Punk Never Dies Vol. 2'

  1. Cactus says:

    Well this is awesome.


  2. Brandon J. says:

    Once you finish downloading this compilation and you give each song a fair listen, vote in our POLL on the main page and let us know which 5 songs you like best. Enjoy!


  3. MrM says:

    Looks like it’s downloaded fine for me, can’t wait to listen to them all!! Thanks again for doing this!


  4. Iaya says:

    Altar Billies for daaaaaaayssss. Great compilation!


  5. Shawn H says:

    This is probably IVM’s best compilation yet!


  6. Grok Radio says:

    You guys r awesome!
    can’t wait to listen!


  7. Mark says:

    A simple question but are these bands all Christian or some just kind of friendly that way? I’m really big on lyrics. Just wondering because, for example, the ManAlive song is awesome but I couldn’t find anything about the guys’ faith.


    • Brandon J. says:

      Almost every one of these artists have Christian members. Man Alive are an Israeli punk band and answering that question about them is complicated.

    • Rob J says:

      Hey Mark, I know many of these bands are Christ focused. I’m the singer/guitarist/bassist for No Lost Cause and He is certainly the purpose for what we do and it’s our hope that whoever’s listening finds hope and would meet Jesus, the source of our hope.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks guys! I didn’t want to assume. Lyrics account for most of the worth in the music I spend my time listening to.

  8. Michael W says:

    Brandon, congrats on putting together an incredible compilation. My son and I are really enjoying i. It is really great!!t…but a rockabilly band on a punk album? Really?..well, they sound swell anyway…blessings my friend!!


  9. Brandon J. says:

    What are your favorite songs from this compilation now that it’s been out a few days?


  10. Brandon J. says:

    Cool, MrM! Thanks for commenting and letting me know. It’s good to hear feedback.


  11. Jambone says:

    Cool comp. Lots of bands I have never heard before. That’s what I like about comps like this. I’d have to concur with the top 10 so far as far as the voting goes. Those were also my favorites.


  12. Brandon J. says:

    Punk Never Dies 2 has already been downloaded over 480 times since Saturday afternoon according to our mediafire stats. Thanks everyone for putting this mighty compilation on your computers and media devices. We hope you enjoy what you’ve heard thus far. Make sure to check out each band on their respective Facebook pages and maybe buy some merch ;)


  13. Thank you Brandon for always being so great in supporting such wonderful bands. It is a blessing to have in this day in age! The power of free..and we are still spreading the word on this! Full steam ahead! Love all the bands who are on this with us!


  14. Daveman says:

    Hey guys, I’m #2 guitar-slinger for Jump Ship Quick. We are all Christian dudes and Jesus is the reason we are all doing what we are doing, period! Feel free to stop by our page and talk to us anytime. Lot of great bands on here and thanks to Indie Vision Music for a great (and free!) release.


  15. thruchristalone777 says:

    This is such a great compilation! Thank you Brandon and everyone else involved.


  16. Rudeboy71 says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

    Thank you so much for this generous Gift to all christian Punks. Pogo for the Lord.

    Best Regards from Europe,



  17. Brandon J. says:

    I want to thank everyone for downloading this compilation so far. Thank you for supporting independent music and especially punk rock. We are up to 650 downloads as of today so that’s wonderful news. I would like to thank dyingscene.com, jesusfreakhideout.com, jesuswired, and any other site that posted news about the compilation, it really drove a significant amount of traffic to the site. I am going to send out a news blast this next week so I am sure even more sites will pick up news on it ;)


  18. RevJonathanBudd says:

    Sounding good so far. More power to your elbows! Thanks for putting the work in.


  19. Brett Ramey says:

    What is the official breakdown to put this on cd? 30 tracks each on 2 discs, or…?


  20. Brandon J. says:

    Thanks to HM Magazine, and CMaddict for posting news about Punk Never Dies Vol. 2 :) Also we are up above 740 downloads of this massive compilation now in two weeks. That’s pretty good.


  21. Brandon J. says:

    If you want to download this compilation but don’t feel like entering your email address in the form above, we’ll let you download it here:



    • JoeShmooga says:

      When I go to that link, it refuses to let me download. I’ve tried downloading it multiple times, but for some reason, the download doesn’t work (though it could be that my local Internet router is too weak to support it).

    • Brandon J. says:

      Could be a temporary issue or maybe your computer. I just checked and there have been 20+ more downloads acne this morning. Try right clicking on the link and then saving to your computer. If you still can’t get it to work, email me because I have a solution for you. Brandon@indievisionmusic.com

  22. Brandon J. says:

    Without the support of several “big” music publications, we managed to score 800 downloads since September 1st. That’s impressive considering the size of this compilation. It’s really too bad several of these “big” sites chose to ignore my numerous messages to them about making a post on PND 2. I do want to thank the ones that did however:
    Dyingscene.com, HM Magazine, Jesusfreakhideout.com, CMaddict.com, Christianmusiczine.com, and anyone else who put up a post about our DIY compilation. Thank you for supporting real independent music and keeping the DIY spirit alive.


  23. James Brawdy says:

    Still have not got the download link. Please send soon!!!


  24. skelly says:

    I missed that Shane Ghould did a song for this. He mentioned it to me last night, so I had to check it out this morning. So good. That guy is awesome.


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