The Order of Elijah – Dethrone

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The Order of Elijah – Dethrone
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3.7 (10 votes)

Artist: Writing Your Professional Goal Statement.
Album: Dethrone
Label: Help Doing My Essay.
Release Date: 07.16.13
Reviewer: John Magelssen


  1. Intro
  2. New Line of Defense
  3. Bringing Down Hell
  4. David’s Frozen Sword
  5. The Reclaimer
  6. Stitches
  7. Greed Machine
  8. Nails Over Duct Tape
  9. Conquer
  10. Starscream Symphony
  11. Ballad of Jimmy Baker

Dethrone, releasing tomorrow on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 is The Order of Elijah’s second full length record and a great addition to their musical career with Rottweiler Records. The album is very influenced by deathcore and metal. With heavy melodic metal guitar riffs, pounding drums that make your head nod in tempo with the beat, and vocals (both high and low) that are very raw in sound, The Order of Elijah has come out with this eleven track album. Not holding anything back, their lyrics are very in your face and to the point. Another thing about this album which made my day is the amount of clips from movies and one from a video game they have. I will leave them up to you to find them and let me know which ones you find.

“Intro” starts off with a tornado siren, some gun shots, and a sound clip from Pulp Fiction of Samuel L. Jackson quoting scripture. That is the one and only clip that I will tell you about. You will have to find the rest. Although not a lot happens in this introduction, it is a great lead in for the next track.

“New Line of Defense” begins with an A Plea For Purging sound on the guitar with some heavy double peddling from the drums which lead into a heavy breakdown that cuts into a half-time breakdown. After a small break, this track kicks off into overdrive with some Upon A Burning Body guitar riffs that make one want to break things in the room. One of the best parts of this song is the Attila sounding fast rap scream. Not many people have done it yet and it still sounds fresh and new. This track also has lyrical ferocity by stating,

Now watch me as I burn this world down
Into reality where the sinners are the saints.
At least we have the balls to fess up,
Rather than complain.
No worries over here,
You see my sins are paid with pain.
Sorry if it offends you,
But I speak with no restraint.

Showing how blunt they are about the subject is just a part of who they are as musicians and Christians. After this, a heavy breakdown with a nice slower metal sounding guitar solo blast off to end the song. Here is the lyric video in case you want to see what I meant about the Attila part.

“David’s Frozen Sword” starts off with some high fry vocals which lead into a very electronic metal breakdown which reminds me a lot of old battle music from video games. After the unique sound from the guitars and a synth, the blast beats from the drums begin with very high fry vocals that bring the breakdown right into play. Although the breakdown sounds very simple, the way they do it is not generic and is really pleasant once you realize how different it is. Continuing on, the vocals get lower as the song goes on and remind me a lot of The Goodnight Horizon. Not relenting once, this track continues to punch into the lower vocals in the background. Although it is very average to have a techno breakdown in today’s music, The Order of Elijah do one that sounds kind of like The Word Alive and leads into a sweet metal solo which will make you forget about the techno aspect of the breakdown.

“The Reclaimer” has a softer introduction which leads into a soft synth pad which goes nicely with the melody from the guitars. The song gets heavier very quickly, but does not go into an ultra-brutal sound. Instead it stays in a fun fast paced trot that leads into a nice melodic hardcore two-step chant. The song follows the same format for a while until about three fourths of the way through where they let the guitars resonate while the drums build up and the vocals make a build up as well repeating “now, we’ll set the record straight” with variations as it gets louder. This builds into a death metal double pedal from the drums with some heavy chugging from the guitars. The guitars stay with the chugs as the drums move to a breakdown as the vocals scream “Witness the awakening!” which brings us to the guitars going into a melodic metalcore sound to end the song as the vocals get lower.

“Greed Machine” is a fun song that starts off with a heavy chugging breakdown. After the faster breakdown, the guitars get very fast and a bit technical with their deathcore sound and remind me a lot of old As Blood Runs Black and Upon A Burning Body with how heavy, but melodic they are. The drums are phenomenal as well and the double pedals stick with the guitars perfectly. This is one of the shorter tracks on this album, but it is heavy and fast. It is definitely one that I would recommend.

“Nails Over Duct Tape” is an odd song in the fact that The Order of Elijah uses a sound from a scratch record like you would hear in an old 80’s rap song. It reminded me a lot of what P.O.D. used to do and as weird as it is, it works fairly well for the song itself. The vocals in this song are some of my favorite on the album with how he breaks up his sentences and with how low he gets his guttural sounds. There are also a lot of tremolo guitars and double peddling in this track worth listening to.

“Ballad of Jimmy Baker starts off with a dual guitar solo and then takes off with just one guitar keeping the solo going as the rest of the band enters and builds up the song. There is a great guitar solo breakdown that lasts for a while. I really liked that they did not cut it off short because so many bands only give you a small sample of a solo and then cut into another completely different sound. The drums give a little snare roll and then lead into a very fast paced almost grindcore sounding guitar part while the drums blast on very quickly. After a little bit another guitar solo, very similar to the first one happens. A very fast death metal part jumps out of nowhere which brings in a great trot-like breakdown with great use of a caesura (a full stop) for the instruments as the vocals continue and the instruments jump back in. The drums start to go from a trot into a solid double pedal and continue until all the instruments go into a faster tempo and get faster. The best part of this song is the end where the breakdown brings a little techno feeling into it, but the vocals get really low and they use a kind of voice modulator with the vocals to make it sound almost robotic while he forces out “we will prevail until we die”

Overall: Dethrone is a great contribution to Rottweiler Records and would also be one for any music collection. Having the ferocity and talent to push beyond the average, The Order of Elijah will be a great band to keep a watch on in the future and will continue to show just how creative and blunt they are. Mixing in sounds from several different genres and continuously surprising the listener, there are very few albums like this. Remember to listen for the sound clips and let me know what you find.

RIYL: Attila, The Word Alive, Upon A Burning Body, As Blood Runs Black, Miss May I

The Order of Elijah - Dethrone, 3.7 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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17 Responses to 'The Order of Elijah – Dethrone'

  1. David M says:

    I’m not sure why, but this review doesn’t really catch my attention. Granted, this isn’t a band I’m going to listen to in the near future, but I still like to read the reviews on the site. I’m not sure if you’ve done reviews or anything in the past, John (apart from the ones on the site), but I just feel like for as wordy as the review is, it’s not very descriptive. It just seems to describe each song, but…without really describing them. It’s your writing style, though, so keep on keepin’ on! Glad you enjoy this band, because there’s definitely a lot of people on this site who don’t, haha!

  2. David says:

    I was looking for songs by this band and noticed that all the songs on this album are the same as Ascension which they apparently released last year. So is there any difference between the two albums? Are these re-recorded?

  3. MrM says:

    I remember first hearing the band, with “The Ballad of Jimmy Baker”. Hated the title, but thought the song was actually pretty good. Then heard a couple other songs and was really uninterested. Then they put out “New Line Of Defense”. And while it was okay, but not the best, the “fast rap scream” is just my thing. Kind of reminds me of the part in “Composed of Stone” by Crimson Armada. The high, fast screaming in that song with the piano and gloomy atmosphere is the reason I bought the whole album. Would like to hear some other bands do that as well. Love me some fast screaming. I remember seeing a couple people mention Oh, Sleeper’s Children of Fire album sort of having a rushed delivery feeling. But that’s great, get all those words out there, I wanna hear lots of lyrics!

    Back on topic, I don’t think I’ll be picking this up. I’d be interested to hear “The Ballad of Jimmy Baker” off this album, because I’m assuming it’s re-recorded. Aside from that, I’ll pass

  4. “At least we have the balls to fess up, Rather than complain.”- Lol, nice. Sumbody do a fact chek, but im prety sure this is the only Christian band 2 eva use the word “bals” in a song, lol.

  5. Grumpmetal says:

    These guys are what makes people hate this kind of music, not to mention their “better than you, rock star attitudes” towards other bands they play with. Maybe if they weren’t so worried about their looks, and their image, and the lead singer trying to look like M. Shadows…and took all that effort into writing intelligible lyrics and better music, the douche factor could drop a few points.

    • Brian W says:

      Totally with you on that. I can’t stand the end of this song. And they aren’t that great so I don’t know why their pride is flying so high. If you’re going to be “blunt” be specific and intentional. Otherwise you just come off as a total tool. I also don’t like the line “Now watch me as I burn this world down”. Really? Who are you? And more simply than all of that, cockiness is just lame.

    • Bryce says:

      I agree with you guys. 4/5 is WAY too generous.

  6. platypusguy says:

    It’s weird… I liked some of their stuff on Ascension, but their song New Line of Defense has really turned me off… Idk, just the attitude that they project on the track kind of gives me a bad image of the band and makes it hard to listen to their other stuff. It’s also annoying that they hardly have any new tunes on this album, because I was looking forward to seeing where they were heading as a band, but it doesn’t sound like they even re-recorded the old tracks. Also, I saw a live video where their main vocalist dropped the f-bomb while on stage. I mean, I think you can cuss and still be a Christian, but it’s strange how they’re all up-in-your-face about their Christianity in this new song, without really saying anything insightful or specific, and then on top of that their public persona doesn’t seem to match up.

  7. Aaron Starks says:

    I’ve met the guys a few times, and i’ve seen em once or twice.
    I like the drummer josh, and the guitarist Myk isn’t too bad of a guy before he’s drunk, but they are really, really cocky dudes. And i really don’t like the whole “we’re a christian band, but get fucked up on stage and drop fucked up language in front of kids”
    how in the hell are you going to piss on the morals you claim to uphold?

    but i digress,
    I feel like they hit and missed on this album, on one hand, they have some CRAZY lead riffs, courtesy of myk, and a great drummer, but on the other hand they are incredibly redundant…

    i will give the album 2.5/5

  8. Anthony says:

    Just looking at the cover tells me that this is a band that I will never listen to, but if what others here are saying is true, then these guys aren’t exactly the most model Christians. I mean, I cuss on occasion and yes, I even enjoy my fair share of beer from time to time (though never in excess), but if I was in a band that claimed to be a group of believers, I wouldn’t use foul language and get drunk in front of a bunch of teenagers. Whatever they do behind closed doors is between them and God, but when they’re onstage they should at least uphold a little bit of maturity. Honestly, these guys sound like a bunch of grade-A douchebags.

  9. Nickey Hutcheson says:

    Honestly I have no idea where you guys got that from about them doing all that stuff on stage cause I’ve seen them live and they never did that. Plus On new line of defense he’s talking about christians who won’t stand up for what they believe and then act judgmental like all of the people acting like they are holier than anybody. well your not and you should not be judging someone for their image or anything like that. Even Jesus said ” Thou shall not judge unless thou shalt be judged” which means dont start throwing arrows at someone unless you’re prepared to throw some arrows at yourself. These guys aren’t perfect and neither is anyone criticizing these guys. If you don’t like them, ok, but don’t start making a pointless bash on them with facts that aren’t even facts.

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