Bloodgood Return for First New Album in 22 Years

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Bloodgood Return for First New Album in 22 Years

Classic hard rock band, Bloodgood, have made their return public. The band are gearing up to record and release their first new album in 22 years and have begun a kickstarter to help fund this new independent process. This will be their first release without the backing of the label and completely independent. Watch the video below to learn more about the band and their coming new album.

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13 Responses to 'Bloodgood Return for First New Album in 22 Years'

  1. Skelly says:

    Looking forward to this release should be really good.


  2. I never listened to these guys music before but I’m eager to go back and listen to some past stuff after watching their kickstarter video.


  3. I never listened to these guys music before but I’m eager to go back and listen to some past stuff after watching their kickstarter video.


  4. Brandon J. says:

    22 years is a long time between albums ;) I wonder what the new album is going to sound like? Also, does anyone else think some of the reward levels are a bit extreme? I mean $20 for a digital download and $30 for a CD? Crazy.


  5. David says:

    As regards “rewards” remember what you are doing with Kickstarter or Indiegogo or any other fund raising site is you are funding or donating to a project to help bring it to pass. The “rewards” are never intended to be in line with your contribution. It is like if you donate to PBS – At the $50 reward level you’ll get the DVD of xyz program … You can get the same DVD at the store or online for $15. It is a “Thank you” gift for your donation. And that is exactly what these are. Thank you gifts for your donation to help fund the making of their album. If you want to just buy the album, it will be on their web site when they finish it. If you want to help them make the album and make it at its best quality level without the interference of some record company making them dumb it down, then follow the Kickstarter link and give as you see fit.


    • Brandon J. says:

      I know how it works, sorry if I came off a tad bit sarcastic. I have contributed to a ton of kickstarter projects over the past several years including Midnight Hour, Five Iron Frenzy, OC Supertones, Spoken, Number One Gun, Starflyer 59, The Fold, The Classic Crime, So Long Forgotten, and Toad the We Sprocket and have enjoyed the rewards from each campaign. However, $20 for a digital download and $30 for a cd is higher than I paid in any one of the campaigns listed above. It’s not a bad thing its just I am sure they’d get more contributors if the price was $10 digital download and $15-20 For CD. Either way, Bloodgood is great and I wish them all the best with this campaign. I look forward to hearing the finished album.

  6. Luke Foster says:

    The only Bloodgood song that I’ve heard was a Mortification cover on their Live Planitarium album.


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