Ska Lives Vol. 3

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Ska Lives and Indie Vision Music presents… “Ska Lives Vol. 3″! Our latest compilation featuring some of the greatest indie Ska artists from around the globe! Download below.

Our previous compilations “Ska Lives Vol. 1″ and “Ska Lives Vol. 2″ have been enjoyed by thousands of fans around the world, and featured a variety of different types of Ska, from Traditional Ska, to Two Tone, Third Wave, Ska-core, Punk with Horns, Reggae, and just about any other variation of the Ska genre that you can imagine!

“Ska Lives Vol. 3″ follows in this tradition, featuring a wider variety of music that ever before, as well as new music from veteran artists such as The O.C. Supertones, The Insyderz, and CodeName: Rocky, as well as up-and-coming artists such as May Weather, The Anchorage, and Sounds of Salvation!

The album also features a special unreleased track recorded by The Dingees’ original lineup! We truly believe that this is our best compilation yet!

Download Ska Lives Vol. 3 by clicking this link
[Right Click Save Link As, Save to Computer] *Download served via Mediafire direct link

Listen: The OC Supertones “Pretty Little Lie”

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The O.C. Supertones
The Insyderz
Upstanding Youth
Sounds of Salvation
The Big Fix – (Ex-The W’s)
The Israelites
For Pete’s Sake
CodeName: Rocky
The Dingees
May Weather
The Anchorage
Soul Radics
Solomon Jabby
October Light -
Rude King
No Lost Cause -
The Shindig – (Ex-Send Out Scuds)
Good Weather Forecast
Bombshell Academy
Draw the Parade
The Funaddicts
One Line Short
Avion Blackman
Los Hijos del Santo
Reobote Zion

Ska Lives 3 was mastered by Michael Whiteman of Sounds of Salvation and the album artwork was designed by Brian Middleton of Gordie B. and the Turtletones.

Ska Lives would like to thank these people for their support:
Tim Hopkins at BrokenFM, Tazy Phyllipz of Ska Parade, AbsolutePunk, Doug Van Pelt and HM Magazine, Paul Gibson and Chris Kuhner of the Rock ‘n a Hard Place Podcast, Johannes Radtke at, Mark Delaney of Mark’s Ear Candy/Dead Parrot Records, Michael Stidham Art and Design, Jamie Thul, Rob Jensen, Alex Melgosa, Todd Grassman, Michael Seiler, Andrew Teeter, Brett Scammell, Michaela DeVaney, Leif DeVaney, Gina Loisel, Chris Linder, Karl Pasche, Matthew Seipel-Anderson, Jeff the Girl, Joel Gratcyk, Scott Fryberger, Brandon Helman, Tim Anderson, Codyface Nuclear Boyer, Liz Erikson, Luther Brown, Paul Quiram, Bill Allison, Caleb Rose, Nils Neumann, Jordan Bayer, Chuck Ferlita, Jodi Phillips, Brett Wannamaker, Andrew Auman, Patrick Larson, Kevin Feliciano, Keaton Neely, Joseph Randall Spurgeon, Nic Shepherd, Danielle Shepherd, Marci Greig, Michael Johnstone, Frankie Davis, Daniel Arias… and all of our other friends and fans! We couldn’t do this without you!

Check out Ska Lives on Facebook here

If you can help us promote this compilation by tweeting #skalives #indievisionmusic and @ivmusic, that would be very helpful towards getting more people exposed to this fantastic SKA nugget.

About the author Brandon J.

I am 36 years old living in Orange County, CA. with my wife, 2 children, and one teenager. I enjoy living a life for God, Family, Passionate music, the ocean, the mountains, gardening, and working in the Machining industry (Real Job). I founded this site in July of 2000 and love the community we have here. View my new personal blog here. (Check me out on Twitter @brandonaaero) View all posts by Brandon J.

21 Responses to 'Ska Lives Vol. 3'

  1. WarriorSam says:

    For some reason the song Jamaican Celebration isn’t tagged right.. who is the artist?


  2. Brandon J. says:

    Everyone hold off on downloading this for a few minutes. Wait till I give the go ahead. Had to delete the mediafire download and I am reloading it right now. I have to fix the conversioninabox code too. So just be patient with us. I’ll give the go ahead in a few minutes.


    • platypusguy says:

      Thanks for all of your work on this Brandon! Any news on the download?

    • Brandon J. says:

      It’s all ready now. Just fixed everything. If anyone received an email from conversioninabox pre-10am PST, please disregard it and resubmit your info into the form and try again. I had to re-upload the file to mediafire because one of the artist tags was wrong. It also means that the previous link in the emails from last night till pre-10 am are no longer valid. Sorry for any inconvenience. Its all good now.

  3. Blavid says:

    Glad to see this comp. is still going!! really cool.. everyone tell a friend!!


  4. platypusguy says:

    Brandon, just a heads up, it’s telling me that I’m logged in as you when I’m on this page. It’s Platypusguy posting this


  5. platypusguy says:

    Wanted to comment on here and say that there’s a lot of great stuff on this compilation, but it says I’m logged in as Brandon J. That’s strange. It’s platypusguy here


  6. Brandon J. says:

    Okay, thanks for letting me know. That is NOT a good thing. Yikes. We’ll fix it ASAP.


  7. Brandon J. says:

    *Download is not hosted on Indie Vision Music. Check your email for details on how to download the compilation. Even if IVM is down, you’ll be able to download the files with no trouble at all since the compilation is hosted elsewhere* Enjoy!


  8. A.Z. Tone says:

    You should totally do a Ska Fest with as many of your featured artists as possible! ;)


  9. Brandon J. says:

    Wow, we’re up to 785 people that have submitted their email through the form to receive download link. That’s awesome!


  10. JahWarriah says:

    Gave this compilation a full listen yesterday and enjoyed what I heard overall. Thanks for putting this together!


  11. Thank you for this. I love it!


  12. Brandon J. says:

    Attention Everyone: There was a bug with the conversioninabox service (new version) which caused the form to return an error. It has been fixed and all is working now. Go check it out!


  13. Rudeboy71 says:

    Thank you so much for this generous Gift. Very smart Boys! Skanking for the Lord.

    Best Regards from Germany,



  14. Brandon J. says:

    Almost 1000 people have submitted their info through this form. That’s massive for a free compilation that hasn’t even been up for a week yet.


  15. Brandon J. says:

    Okay, I have put some samples up from the compilation on this download page. Listen to some of the songs to get a taste for what is to be found on the whole compilation. If you like what you hear, feel free to download :)


  16. Brandon J. says:

    1202 People have submitted the “form” on this page.


  17. aarjayaitch says:

    These compilations keep getting better and this is the best yet! My favorite song: “Spatial Awareness Man” HI-larious! “re-carpeted the tardis”… priceless!


  18. Brandon J. says:

    I have revised this compilation to make it a direct download from Mediafire. We are nearing the 1 year anniversary of this compilation. Thanks everyone for downloading this!


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