Scream The Prayer 2013

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Scream The Prayer 2013

The lineup for Windows Xp Sp3 Price check. has finally been announced. The tour will feature Impending Doom, Gideon, Wolves At The Gate, Fit For A King, The Great Commission, Everyone Dies In Utah, The Overseer, Those Who Fear, and Silent Planet! Check out the tour flyer & confirmed dates with more TBA. How To Make A Good Essay.

6/30 Springfield, VA @ Empire
7/1 Charlotte, NC @ Amos
7/2 Louisville, KY @ Vernon Club
7/3 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
7/5 Jacksonville, FL @ Murray Hill Theatre
7/6 Orlando, FL @ H20 Live!
7/7 Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue
7/12 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
7/13 Dallas, TX @ The Door
7/14 Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
7/15 Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
7/16 Joliet, IL @ Mojoes

48 Responses to 'Scream The Prayer 2013'

  1. Scott says:

    I’ll go for Impending Doom, Silent Planet, The Overseer, and Gideon.

  2. Chandler A. says:

    I like the lineup, specifically Wolves at the Gate. Hope an Indy date is announced

  3. Hopefully there is a Seattle date!!!

  4. thruchristalone777 says:

    I didn’t know that Everyone Dies in Utah is a Christian band.

    This is a reallt good line-up. Too bad there are no AZ dates…

    • Bryce says:

      According to them, they are more of a “positive influence band.” There are some Christians in the band, but they’re not a Christian band.

    • thruchristalone777 says:

      Oh ok, thanks for the info.

  5. Bryce says:

    I will also express my frustration with the lack of personally convenient locations. But the lineup is sooooooo good!

  6. Justin Simpson says:

    “For those of you who are confused, we had to cancel playing this year’s Scream the Prayer for financial reasons. We are sorry if you saw us on a flyer or a poster. We will hopefully be hitting the road again this fall! Love you guys!” – The Seeking

  7. taras91 says:

    No Seattle date. I’m sad.

  8. Hold out, guys. These are likely not all of the dates. They do this every year. They’ll announce more. Mark my words.

  9. Yay for Silent Planet!!

  10. Essay On Value Of Community Service watch. says:

    I’m bored already just looking at that line-up. This tour has already lost its luster.

  11. arvie says:

    ill go only if its close. this tour is not going to sell out anywhere..

  12. Jake Potter says:

    this is the weakest scream the prayer tour yet

  13. CommanderKeen says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think this year Warped Tour has a better lineup.

  14. Bryce says:

    They may not have any hugely popular bands, but all of these bands are talented and most are making names for themselves in the genre. I’ve drive a couple hundred miles to see one of these shows if it was possible.

  15. Bryce says:


  16. Justin Simpson says:

    This year definitely lacks big names, but I think when we look at this lineup in years to come, it will be one of the best from top to bottom

  17. Kara says:

    These bands are amazing. All of them. So what they don’t have too many big names? Those Who Fear should absolutely explode after this, and they deserve it.

  18. Iaya97 says:

    There are some great bands on here! WatG, the Overseer, Impending Doom, Gideon, and TGC are all good/ kind of big names. FFAK is nothing special, but still, good lineup.

  19. Zac Zinn says:

    Every year it gets worse. Besides impending doom, why go? Just metalcore again and again

    • sam30 says:

      For some reason Christian kids love playing bland metalcore, or “pretty” metal if you’re talking about the sing/scream hybrid. So boring, so predictable. Bring back the good hardcore bands.

    • Brandon J. says:

      Because it sells plain and simple. Give it another year and then you’ll start seeing all these Christian “pop-punk” shows/tours. Mark my words, it’s coming back, the Christian market is just moving a few steps behind everyone else.

    • Loren Wade says:

      I rather like a bunch of the bands on the list. And isn’t the point of Scream the Prayer… to be a Christian Metal/Hardcore tour?

      I’m not understanding.

    • Chandler A. says:

      “Every year it gets worse.” Why do I feel like you just said that cuz you disliked this year’s lineup haha

      Also, I agree with Loren. I like bands on this lineup. The only band I really don’t care for on this is The Great Commmission. So “Besides impending doom, why go?” let me answer that for you: Go for Wolves at the Gate, Gideon, Fit For A King, The Overseer, Those Who Fear, Everyone Dies In Utah, and Silent Planet.

    • David M says:

      Brandon, if any “Christian” band actually played something along the lines of Jawbreaker/Lifetime/older NFG/Make Do and Mend/etc. and wasn’t overly cheesey, I’d pay to see them in a heartbeat. I’d also pay to see a “Christian” band that had Opeth, Cynic, and Mastodon as influences.

    • Brandon J. says:

      I’d pay to see that too

    • Smacky X says:

      I’m with Loren and Chandler. This is one solid line-up! The irony for me (given the original “Besides Impending Doom…” comment) is that Impending Doom as the headliner would be the most disappointing part of this bill. But personal tastes aside I get why STP would want to lock them down for that…

  20. Ty says:

    Which is worse?
    1)The lineup
    2)The fonts/type treatments for every one of these bands
    3)The poster design

    If you chose any/all of the 3, you are correct.

    • Brandon J. says:

      It’s all about the marketing. Just think of the suits sitting in some office dreaming this up an saying how they’ll sell out venues across the U.S. ;) They probably don’t care about the music as much as they do selling a product. Hahaha…….

    • Chandler A. says:

      Aren’t the names for each band in their respective font…

    • Ty says:

      I think Brandon is talking about the poster design rather that each bands font or type treatment. But I don’t get how 8 bands full of 3-6 members each, don’t have enough sense to have a real designer do their logo. In the 90’s you could get by making your own, because most people were just using preloaded fonts. In the 2000’s everyone would download “cool” fonts and then add or remove things to be artsy. It’s 2010s, people gotta get with it.

    • metalhunter says:

      I think this is more of a problem you have with band’s logos than with scream the prayer.

    • Chandler A. says:

      Yeah I think metalhunter hit the nail on the head as far as what I was trying to say

    • Smacky X says:

      “I used to really love Gideon and FFAK, and would have loved to support them, but I can’t get past their fonts.”
      -No one ever.

      “I’ve never heard of these bands, and even though I love heavy music and thought this might be worth checking out, my artistic sensibilities are too insulted.”
      -No metal/hardcore fan ever.

      “…I (have) a fear of skeletons.”
      – creativedissent, Social Anxiety Support Forums

      I guess they could have given the poster a little more thought so as to not marginalize the last guy, but based on the other poignant quotations I don’t know that font/type treatment needs to be too high on the priority list for any of these bands.

    • MrM says:

      I think the lineup could use another big name band just to help gain interest for anyone who isn’t as familiar with the whole less known christian metalcore scene, but aside from that, from what I’ve seen, the majority of those bands are decently liked.

      I actually think a good name logo or symbol is a cool idea for a band, though the problem is coming up with something original is not always going to be the easiest if every band does it. That being said, I actually don’t mind those fonts/logos/whatever

      The poster design may be rather typical, some design “metal” enough for metalheads to not be ashamed, but it’s just a poster. That’s just what posters are.

    • CommanderKeen says:

      Call me crazy, but I actually really dig the poster. And if you have a problem with the band name logo, you ought to take that up with the bands themselves since those are what they normally use. All that to say, I’m not hugely crazy about the lineup.

  21. Jessica C says:

    Cannot get enough of The Overseer and Gideon. Shabaam.

  22. Travis Aker says:

    I don’t why everyone is complaining so much about this tour,it is going to be awesome you got Fit For a King, The Overseer, Wolves at The Gate,For Those Who Fear, you want to talk a about a pit that going to tear you apart when these band play,lets not forgot about Gideon either,I am not to excited to see the Great Commission on it though,of course I am have to do some more research in to Silent Planet are they any good?

    • Brian W says:

      Yeah, if the guy from Great Commission talks about his sun glasses being hater blockers again, I’m going to punch myself in the face.

  23. Yorik says:

    this thread has some funny comments. Made me laugh.
    Bad lineup, bad fonts. Whatever. All these bands rule. The end

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