Seeking New Music for Upcoming IVM Podcasts

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Seeking New Music for Upcoming IVM Podcasts

I am now opening the door to all interested bands/artists/songwriters who would like to get their music featured in an upcoming IVM Podcast. I will gladly feature any band with a good recording who fits the content of this website (“Christian” musicians/songwriters). If you have a good recording, please read the information below on how to submit your song

Instructions on How to Submit a Song for the IVM Podcast:
1. Song should be in Mp3 format, preferably 192kbps or better. No iTunes files (M4a) will be accepted. I prefer not to have WAV files due to the size of each file.
2. Must include song lyrics in the email, along with all social networking links. Bios are helpful too.
3. Artist must own rights to song and allow us permission to use song in upcoming IVM Podcasts. All IVM Podcasts are downloadable via Indie Vision and Soundcloud. We also have it up for streaming.
4. Email all songs, lyrics, links, information here:
Please only email 1 song at a time unless you upload to dropbox
5. We are looking for any talented Christian artists and/or songwriters to submit their stuff.
6. *We reserve the right to refuse song inclusion on upcoming broadcasts of the IVM Podcast*
7. If I like the sound of your recording/band, I will contact you back. If you don’t hear from me in one week’s time, please email again.
8. IVM Podcasts appear on the main page of IndieVisionMusic and under “Hot Downloads” every two weeks or so. All podcasts are downloadable and available for streaming from this website, youtube, soundcloud. There is NO Cost or Fee associated with getting your band featured. It is simply a first come first serve sort of deal and is based solely on Brandon’s personal taste. If it’s something I feel should be shared and openly promoted, I will include the song on our Podcast.
9. Any style of music or genre is accepted.
10. If you have a “new” song scheduled to release soon, get in touch and we can work in a preview of the music through this Podcast series.

Bands are also welcomed to record a short intro segment to their song/recording for our Podcast IF song is chosen. I’ll will be in touch.

That’s it. Thanks for reading and supporting IVM. We look forward to serving you up some great new music.

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