New Poor Old Lu Recording?

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New Poor Old Lu Recording?

[Update: Poor Old Lu have posted up a “Teaser” of the new song titled “The Great Unwound” which you can hear below.] I got word from Jesse Sprinkle himself that the Poor Old Lu guys got together again to record one new song for Jesse’s “Paradise Uganda” benefit album. You can find out more info about Paradise Uganda right here. This is the band where Aaron Sprinkle and Jesse Sprinkle each got their start. You probably already recognize those two names, right?

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21 Responses to 'New Poor Old Lu Recording?'

  1. Brandon J. says:

    Yes, can’t wait to hear new Poor Old Lu. It’s been like 11 years since their last full length release on Tooth & Nail. Check them out on Spotify if you’ve never heard their music before. You can also buy their digital albums on Amazon/iTunes

    • Lucas says:

      Hilarious, because I made a note to myself earlier today to check out The Waiting Room for the first time. :D Still waiting for that Aaron Sprinkle album..

  2. Wait, who is Aaron Sprinkle? :P

  3. mtroads says:

    Both of those guys have made a lot of great music. My high school days were soundtracked by A Picture of the Eighth Wonder. Rose Blossom Punch were amazing as well.

  4. Travis Aker says:

    I know this band very well, I have all their albums except for when they was in Fair.

  5. Brandon J. says:

    *”Teaser” of the new song “The Great Unwound” posted above* Thoughts?

  6. J-Mac says:

    Rose Blossom Punch were THE JUNK.

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