Indie Vision Music Podcast Episode: 4 (Thumper Punk Edition)

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Indie Vision Music Podcast Episode: 4 (Thumper Punk Edition)

I am proud to bring you Episode 4 of our Indie Vision Music Podcast. This time centered around Punk Rock and the Thumper Punk Records roster of bands. I included as many of their bands as I could although I think some didn’t make it on this time around. That’s ok though, we’ll do another one in the future. So sit back, relax, and get ready bump some excellent raw punk rock. Make sure to check out Thumper Punk here on the web: [Facebook] [Website] [Buy Merch]. Download/Listen to other IVM Podcasts right here.

    Bands Included in this Podcast:

False Idle
A Common Goal
The Way
Living Fire
The Old-Timers
The Lonely Revolts
Rogue Anthem
True Liberty
Platoon 1107
The Kings Kids

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I am 36 years old living in Orange County, CA. with my wife, 2 children, and one teenager. I enjoy living a life for God, Family, Passionate music, the ocean, the mountains, gardening, and working in the Machining industry (Real Job). I founded this site in July of 2000 and love the community we have here. View my new personal blog here. (Check me out on Twitter @brandonaaero) View all posts by Brandon J.

11 Responses to 'Indie Vision Music Podcast Episode: 4 (Thumper Punk Edition)'

  1. These are the best bands out there now days!

  2. Cactus says:

    Been waiting for this for a while.

    I Refuse is always a good song by a terrific band.

    A Common Goal, obviously the world’s greatest band. The new album is gonna be called Blessings & Battles, I don’t know if you wanna add that to the album release list.

    The Old-Timers guy sounded different than I thought he would. Given the music I have heard by e’m, I kinda expected him to sound like an angry British man.

    Lonely Revolts – Wasn’t really paying attention. Too busy spamming my facebook friends. Anyways, great band. Good song. I really like the album Remnant. I hear they’re gonna be releasing a split with, I think, the Infirmities.

    The Way – lol, “God ble-” [music cuts Johnny Boy off]. Another good song from a great bad. Patiently awaiting some new material from them. Their song on the Punk For The Gospel compilation, Blind Eye, was truly breathtaking. Check it out on their reverbnation.

    Rogue Anthem: Haven’t heard much of e’m. From what I have heard, they sound like Call to Glory. RIP Mike Augustat.

    Living Fire – Wow, nice intro guys. They really sound like they’re into it. Jesus is Not Dead is a wicked catchy song. The only problem with Living Fire – I wish they would change up their chords sometimes. It sounds like every song is just the same chord progression over and over. Sometimes it work, sometimes it don’t. In this song it does, but in some other ones it doesn’t. However, I do like their energy and their lyrics seem to be really good. Kinda reminds me of a poppier version of Dogwood.

    Yeah True Liberty! Fist Fight In the Dirt is probably my least favorite off the new album, but it has a lot of energy, and let’s be honest, no one cares how good the song is in a circle pit!

    Platoon 1107 is a pretty good band. Sometimes a little too thrashy metal for my taste, but otherwise really talented. I like this cover a lot. Guitar solo…well…

    The King’s Kids sounds like a really good band. Great energy, without losing the songwriting creditability. I should really pick up Urgency! and Set Sail and Seek. I’m kind of in a Craig’s Brother phase at the moment, but I’ll get those when I have the chance. As for the song, I think the piano line should have been played as a guitar solo. That would be cool, to have like a two minute guitar solo. Apparently they called it quits, but to be honest, no one believed them. They announced a new album coming out as well.

    Metanoia has created what will no doubt be regarded as the catchiest pop punk album.


    Te Amo (the song played) is the catchiest song I have heard in a long time. The whole album is good. I mean, 6 of the 10 songs are covers, but the 4 originals, Retroceder Nunca, Evidente, Te Amo, and Peluquero are breathtaking. The covers are also good. I’m PSYCHED for the new album. They said it would be a 10 outta 10, as opposed to Retroceder Nunca, an 8/10 in some critics book. It’s a 9/10 in my book. Don’t let the spanish lyrics deter you from buying it. For me, it adds to the album. The CD has a Dogwood cover (Home is Here, Este Es Tu Hogar) a Craig’s Brother cover (My Annie, Sin Palabras), and a Smiley Kids cover (Useless, Inutil).

    INFIRMITIES is good, but I wish they had more songs. I’ve heard Saved roughly 17 million times, and haven’t yet been able to get my hands on a album. Luckily, they’re doing a split with the Lonely Revolts.

    ABSOLVED is always great. I’m planning on picking up DINO when I get the chance. I’ll remember that. I’ll try to send you guys a song. I’m in a solo project, where I play high octane punk tracks. Look for a track by “Hot Girls in My Seventh Grade Science Class”. Yes, I’m working on changing the name. I came up with the name in eighth grade. It means – spoiler alert – absolutely nothing.

    False Idle. Well back to these guys again. Land of Me is pretty good. Has a lot of energy. That last chord sounds a little outta place (the last chord in the progression) but it’s still a good song. Has a real “Drive-Thru Amerika” feel to it. I’m real psyched for the new album, called Threat. I have marked “May 15″ on my phone calendar. I’ll probably pre-order it.

    Hasta La Vista. Great podcast. There is not a single band on TPR I don’t like. In fact, I like all of e’m.

  3. Juan says:

    Cool podcast.. False Idle one of my favorites for sure! just bummed I didn’t hear The Hoax on it.. my favorite and best TPR band :(

  4. David@TPR says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. On behalf of myself and all the bands, a HUGE thanks to Brandon and everybody at IVM for releasing this great podcast. We are truly humbled and appreciative. Blessings, David @ TPR

    • Brandon J. says:

      Thanks David! I want to do another Thumper Punk podcast in the future when A Common Goal, Infirmities/Old-Timers Split, and other releases are scheduled to come out. Maybe even a new False Idle tune ;)

  5. Byron says:

    Wow this is amazing. I just read through the text here. I cant wait to get home and listen to it. Thank you so much for putting ABSOLVED in this list. Truly an Honor.


  6. Ben Lopez says:


  7. Brandon J. says:

    I am going to begin work on Episode 5 of our Podcast series, soon. Hopefully this weekend I can put it together and post it next week sometime. I am still thinking about what content to put in this next podcast.

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