BEC Signs Shine Bright Baby and All Things New

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BEC Signs Shine Bright Baby and All Things New Dissertation And Thesis Database History. . Read more about these signings and bands, below.

SEATTLE, WA – October 26, 2012 –BEC Recordings welcome two new bands to their acclaimed roster: All Things New and Shine Bright Baby. These new signees will each be releasing their label debuts in early 2013. More information will be coming on each of these releases.

About All Things New:
Hailing from Deltona, Florida, All Things New is made of Garrett Hornbuckle (vocals), Jeff Stein (guitars), Luke Wycuff (drums), and Josh Schou (bass/guitars). The band co-wrote their entire debut and worked with up and coming producers Jonathan Smith and Casey Brown with executive production by award winning Jason Ingram. All Things New will be releasing their first radio single “New Man” in Jan. 2013.

Connect with All Things New:
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All Things New

L to R Jeff Stein, Luke Wycuff, Garrett Hornbuckle, Josh Schou

About Shine Bright Baby:
Hailing from the Orrville, Ohio, Shine Bright Baby includes members, Emily (lead vocals), Nathan (guitar/programming), Josh (guitar/vocals), Hudson (bass) and Karl (drums). Shine Bright Baby’s debut was also co-written by the band and was produced by Matt Arcaini and Mike “X” O’Conner and Tofer Brown along with executive producer Pete Kipley. Fans were introduced to Shine Bright Baby at most of the major festivals over the last two summers including Creation and Alive.

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Shine Bright Baby
L to R: Karl Wendel, Joshua Fink, Nathan Fertig, Emily Irene, Hudson Taylor

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8 Responses to 'BEC Signs Shine Bright Baby and All Things New'

  1. Creating A Resume Online. says:

    A lot of signings on BEC Recordings lately! Shine Bright Baby remind me of Flyleaf, Fireflight, Paramore, Icon for Hire and other female fronted hard rock bands. Should be interesting to hear their label debut project in 2013. Hope ‘Dare to Dream’ is on the album- this song is pretty good!

    Never heard of All Things New Band- dunno what to expect. If any one has heard the band’s songs or seen them live, are they CCM or worship, or are they more rock?

  2. Jake C says:

    Shine Bright Baby was extremely mediocre when I saw them…nothing grabbed me at all about the music and the singer obviously had an ego problem by how much she talked

  3. I gave up on BEC and Tooth and Nail years ago….I guess I like punk and ska too much.

  4. Kevin says:

    Saw SBB in Canton 2 years ago and they were average at best. Glad to see an Ohio band get a chance, but they are not in the same league as Fireflight, Flyleaf, or IFH. I am not exited to see another group without originality.

  5. Found a couple of tracks of All Things New: Dissertation Verteidigung.

  6. SBB has some good songwriting. They need to foster that and their vocalist should cut back on the “weird dressed female front rocker” by half, or else they will be another Paramore clone.

  7. Chris says:

    Tooth and nail has lost its edge.

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