The Seeking – How Did You Know?

By Brandon J. on October-25-2012 | Filed under Do My College Homework For Me.

Wpi Library Phd Thesis. . The song appears on the band’s new album “Yours Forever” (Razor & Tie Records) due out November 6th. [Thanks Thruchristalone777]

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5 Responses to 'The Seeking – How Did You Know?'

  1. Bryce says:

    This is WAY better than “So Cold.” Not even a comparison. “How Did You Know?” definitely puts them back on my radar.

  2. drum_mer says:

    Album is really good as a whole. Breakdowns kinda come out of nowhere, I would actually prefer if these guys stayed away from the screaming. Screamer has a better singing voice than screaming voice anyways. Those are just my thoughts. But ya the song “change my ways” is really good as well. And so cold wasn’t that bad, I actually kinda liked it.

    • Bryce says:

      “So Cold” is definitely not bad, it just gets tiring. I literally counted the number of times they say the phrase “So Cold,” and I got 30, which came out to be almost one every 6 seconds. But for such a young band, my complaints are minor. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

  3. Go listen to the previews on iTunes. I really cant wait for this to come out!

    BTW since when did iTunes start doing a minute and 30 second previews?

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