Pillar Teases Fans With Long Awaited Update!

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Pillar Teases Fans With Long Awaited Update!

You’ll be excited to know that Windows 7 Professional (64 Bit). , but they will be posting another video on 10/27 (Saturday) with more information. Are they finally releasing a new album?!?

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25 Responses to 'Pillar Teases Fans With Long Awaited Update!'

  1. Lol. Lets hope they go bak 2 ther old sound, thats all i gota say.

  2. MrM says:

    I’d be cool with another For The Love Of The Game, Confessions was a bit of a let down though…

  3. Every time I see original members come back, I’m happy, but also feel sad for the guys that joined when one of the originals left. (Ex. P.O.D. I loved Truby, was super happy when Marcos came back too, but would have preferred them to keep two guitarists)

    What was the point in leaving if you are back together? :/

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store though.

    • “(Ex. P.O.D. I loved Truby, was super happy when Marcos came back too, but would have preferred them to keep two guitarists)”- Thats wat ive been sayin eva since marcos came bak. It wuda been sik seein pod as a 5 piece+ posibly wuda prvented the mediocrity of the past few albums, altho testify wit truby wasnt that great eitha.

    • Smacky X says:

      Truby had already committed to leave when Marcos contacted them about coming back. The band made a big deal about how incredible the timing was, so there’s no reason to be feeling for Truby.

      “What was the point of leaving if you are back together?”
      Could be dozens of things. The question doesn’t really make any sense.

    • http://www.cbl.org.lr/masters-of-education-admission-essay/ Masters Of Education Admission Essay. says:

      Still feel bad for ’em! :D

      The question makes sense. What’s the point in leaving if you going to get back together? (correction) Why leave, if you fell you aren’t meant to be in the band, or if you are just off for a season, why create that album with out em?

    • Smacky X says:

      Feel bad for him why? He wanted to leave…

      Some reasons for leaving and then getting back together:
      You have a fall-out but then find reconciliation.
      You have a hard time balancing relationships and touring but you learn how to find that balance.
      There are differences in vision but later a shared vision develops.
      There are significant creative differences at one point that no longer become differences as different members mature and develop their style
      Physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties make leaving necessary but you work through them.
      Being in the band at one point isn’t viable financially but then you become more financially secure and stable.
      You have your own personal stuff to work through but then you work through it.
      Something comes up that demands more time and energy than being in the band leaves you with, but then it gets dealt with.
      You need a break.
      You change your mind.

      “What is the point of leaving if you are back together?” is like asking why you would return to a place you moved away from years ago. Someone might leave to pursue something else but it doesn’t work out. They might leave because they have to for a season- to go to college or because you find a job that provides the money you need. Maybe some stuff had gone down that you need some distance from. Maybe you view where you are living through an immature or thankless perspective until you leave and realize what you were missing. I don’t think people should be banned from moving back to a place because “what is the point of moving away if you move back?”

      And a band will keep creating albums because it is still the livelihood of the remaining members even when one leaves. To say that a band should go into a holding pattern because of a personnel change is kind of funny.

      This is why I don’t think the question makes sense

    • http://www.shutupandeat.ca/amorce-dissertation-investissement/ Amorce Dissertation Investissement. says:

      Still makes sense. Just because you can answer is with a 1000 answers doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. :)

      I get what you’re saying, but I still find it strange.

      And yes, I still feel bad for them. It’s like a faded family member.

      Is any of this making sense… or only to me? Much love.

  4. Steve says:

    They’re breaking up???? One could only hope!

  5. Ian DeVaney says:

    If they could pull off a quality album like Fireproof or Where Do We Go From Here, I would be very happy! I’d love to hear some good old-fashioned hard rock.

  6. David Green says:

    I’ve been bored with some of the more recent Pillar, but I’m not gonna lie, these guys used to be like my favorite band. I’ll definitely keep my ears perked and listen to anything they put out with an open mind.

  7. Lucas says:

    I couldn’t get into these guys when I actually enjoyed this type of hard rock. They’ve always bored me to tears. A few of my friends keep trying to direct me to “Where Do We Go From Here?” (which is apparently their best album) and I can’t make it past the first couple songs. Did enjoy a couple off of “Confessions” though.

  8. Dave says:

    It’s been confirmed, they are working on a new album entitled, “Waterproof”! ;)

  9. Ryan says:

    This just made my night. These guys rock together

  10. jason says:

    these guys have always struck me as being a meat-head band. everything about them oozes uncool, fake, generic, etc. i’ve tried to listen to their christian bubble albums and can never get past a song or two and always end up skipping tracks, in the hopes that something will make sense. it always just sounds like what i’m almost certain dog vomit smells like and that has to be a terrible thing. i clicked the link and turned it off once noah threw up a deuce in the first few seconds. i’m sure he cried when jersey shore ended while wearing his ed hardy hat and tapout shirt.

    • silentthunder89 says:

      Dude that’s not just harsh, that’s just uncalled for. Your opinions are your own, but at least respect a veteran of the industry that tours relentlessly and has a passion for their fans.

    • scott says:

      Come on Bro! Hahaha, 2004 called…

    • Steve says:

      While I might have described it different, it’s hard to disagree with jason’s premise.

    • jason says:

      @silentthunder89, ok the dog vomit thing was pretty harsh and if you were offended i apologize. i meant everything else though. as for the whole they have a passion for their fans and touring thing, congrats to them. they’re a band. that’s what they’re supposed to have a passion for. that doesn’t mean i have to like them or say good things about them. also, they’re from tulsa and i live in oklahoma. you would think that i’d have some sort of kindred spirit with those dudes or something. nope.

  11. Luke Foster says:

    How about anything thats not Confessions

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