Submission Red “24” Music Video

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Submission Red “24” Music Video

Check out the new music video from rock band, Ethz Master Thesis Latex. .

Los Angeles, CA (October 2012) Submission Red is proud to share their debut music video for 24 (I Want More Of You) from their new release, Untamed Ones out now! The music video is debuting exclusively this week on The music video was shot in their hometown in Florida and was directed by the extremely talented, Eric Horner. Click here to view “24 (I Want More Of You) –

“I wake up. I want you in sunlight. I go to sleep. I want you in the night. I seek your love divine for all time”, shares Yvonne Winfrey about the song. “Being the first radio single off of “Untamed Ones”, many may expect this pop rock song to be accompanied by typical pop lyrics. But, in the vein of previous SR songs, the listeners get to rock to a hooky guitar riff while words saturate them with scriptures and deeper meanings. Yvonne jubilantly proclaims her eternal love for God and how time means nothing when it comes to this type of devotion.”

On the heels of a brand new release and a new tour, the music video for 24 (I Want More of You) is a great addition to their growing fanbase. Stay tuned as you will start hearing the new song at radio soon as well. In the meantime, go pick up their new album, Untamed Ones in stores today! For tour dates visit their website at College Application Essay Pay Journalism.

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