The Ultimate Family “Reunion” Show Kickstarter: Stavesacre, Ghoti Hook, Puller, Everdown, Living Sacrifice

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The Ultimate Family “Reunion” Show Kickstarter: Stavesacre, Ghoti Hook, Puller, Everdown, Living Sacrifice

[Update: The date has been set, April 13th 2013 at The Door in Dallas, TX. No tickets will be sold at door. You can only get tickets through the official kickstarter] The ultimate mega awesome reunion show we talked about for the past few months is finally a reality. Mike Lewis of the band Puller (and Zambooie) has launched a kickstarter to make this show actually happen. Bands playing it include Stavesacre, Ghoti Hook, Puller, Living Sacrifice, and Everdown. Check out the kickstarter video below and read more about it on Ap Chemistry Help Books. .

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31 Responses to 'The Ultimate Family “Reunion” Show Kickstarter: Stavesacre, Ghoti Hook, Puller, Everdown, Living Sacrifice'

  1. ezekieldeal says:

    There just aren’t words to express this show. Just wish it was more than one place. Who wants to road trip from Minnesota?

  2. Gcse Drama Coursework Help check. says:

    Thanks you so much for posting this, Brandon! Hope to see some familiar faces… cheers!

  3. Was embodyment originally on this?

  4. Research Papers In English click. says:

    Man, that bums me out, anybody who would have rode down with me, would have been going for embodyment.

  5. jason says:

    ugh…a kickstarter for a reunion show? come on…

  6. says:

    na na na na na I live in Dallas

    IVM face to face meet and greet?

  7. Wow.

    1. Im surprised embodyment isnt on the line up, considerin ther from dalas n all.
    2. I didnt know mike lewis was involved wit zambooie, thats rad.
    3. I wuda luvd 2 c pula+ evadown live, since i neva saw em bak in the day. The otha bands wud just b icin on the cake!! Wats the deal wit the new evadown album anyway? Wasnt it supost 2 b out like 2 years ago?
    4. 1 mor reason y i cant stand dalas, oklahomer, lol.
    5. Its sad that shows like this hafta resort 2 doin kikstartas, but i can c y it was dun, considerin the logistix involved. Entertainment+ gud shows aint cheap anymor, lol.

    • David says:

      Phil, I agree with almost everything you said, but man, do I get a headache. haha.

      But yeah, I think people forget THESE are the kinds of bands that don’t really have the money to do these kinds of thing anymore, and with as many people who said they would go, why not? It’s not like there are only pre-advance ticket deals. There are a LOT of sweet incentives this time around.

  8. Ty says:

    What happened with embodyment. Phil, I’m not wading through your own language. More people would respond to what you are saying, if they could tell what you are trying to say. It may save you time, but it’s a drag on everyone else.

    • Brandon J. says:

      The whole show was a hypothetical. It was originally just a fake flyer but then word spread and forced these bands to consider making show a reality. I guess when the show was finally put together, embodyment wasn’t available or something.

    • Ty says:

      Yeah, I though it might be that, it’s just weird that they didn’t acknowledge that.

    • “ty”, ask me if i care, o rite, i dont. Plenty of people respond 2 my posts as it is, so get ova it. The only 1 who “its a drag on” is u, aparently. If u dont like my posts, skip ova em, its not that hard 2 hit the “scrol down arow”. >>>>

  9. I 4 1 am a huge fan of Phil’s txt spk.

  10. Brian Perceful says:

    Seriously, this has to happen. I’m in.

  11. Greg says:

    This is amazing, but I don’t live anywhere close to Dallas. This needs to be a tour! All of that classic Tooth and Nail alumni on one stage…wow. One of my favorite shows ever was MXPX, Stavesacre, and Puller, and Living Sacrifice is a great live band, too.

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