Project 86 Album On Sale at iTunes for $4.99

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Project 86 Album On Sale at iTunes for $4.99

That’s right friends, Project 86’s new album “Wait for the Siren” is now on sale for $4.99 (for a limited time only). Check it out here.

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10 Responses to 'Project 86 Album On Sale at iTunes for $4.99'

  1. fusse says:

    Doh. Just bought it for 7.99 on AmazonMP3. Well… haha, still not too much for the album of this quality even though just the mp3s.

  2. Justin says:

    Apparently, that’s the US iTunes. Blah. :(

  3. Lucas says:

    5 buckaroos for one of the best albums of the year? Don’t mind if I do! :)

  4. tommy says:

    thanks for the info, bro.

  5. Lee Brown says:

    Really, P86 is consistently one of the best and most innovative bands out there. There is no reason not to buy the album for $5. (well “no” reason may be a first world sort of comment).

  6. Brandon J. says:

    This is an excellent release by Project 86. I love “Wait for the Siren” and enjoy it a heck of a lot more than “Picket Fence Cartel” and “Rival Factions” which had the original lineup. I know it’s virtually a “new” band now but they haven’t missed a step and Andrew still keeps it lively. Score for Project 86 and I hope more people will discover this album before year’s end.

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