The O.C. Supertones “For The Glory” Kickstarter Downloads Going Out Tomorrow

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The O.C. Supertones “For The Glory” Kickstarter Downloads Going Out Tomorrow

Kickstarter backers of The O.C. Supertones campaign for their new album, will get the new album “For the Glory” in their inboxes tomorrow. Be sure to check those junk folders if you don’t see the download code. For the rest of you, “For the Glory” will release to stores on November 6th.

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[Message from The OC Supertones to kickstarter backers]

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Hello Awesome Kickstarter Backers!

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We just wanted to send you a little update and reminder that if you pledged for a “reward” that included an advanced digital download of our new album “For The Glory” it will be coming to all of your inboxes tomorrow, October 23! It is now only 2 weeks away from the “official” release date of the new album (so if you pledged for a physical copy, that will be coming in the next few weeks too). We are so excited for everyone to hear these new songs and hopefully be blessed as they point you to Jesus! So, be looking for an email from “The OC Supertones” (if you don’t find it in your inbox, be sure to check those spam/junk folders). If you have any issues with the download, just follow the instructions that will be in the email. We have partnered with a company called “Disc Revolt” in order to distribute the digital copies, so they should be able to help with any issues. Once again, we are sooooooo thankful for your partnership with us to create this new album “For The Glory” of God! We hope to see you at a future show as well to sing along and join us in worshiping God! Enjoy!

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God bless, The OC Supertones

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11 Responses to 'The O.C. Supertones “For The Glory” Kickstarter Downloads Going Out Tomorrow'

  1. Very excited for this as a backer!

  2. Brandon J. says:

    *Download codes for kickstarter backers have already begun to circulate. Check your inboxes*

  3. iamjustin says:

    so yeah been rocking to it all morning/afternoon… really is eclectic, very good album

  4. Smacky X says:

    I wish they had at least a couple of songs in the vein of Unite/Escape from Reason/Return of the Revolution. I like the soft stuff and the bouncy stuff, but the lyrics, themes and sound of their harder songs were always highlights for me. This album reminds me more of their past couple albums, which isn’t a horrible thing, because I like all their stuff. But it was their first four albums that really cemented these guys as a favorite of mine. These guys taught and showed me a lot about resolve and conviction, standing strong, going deep in those earlier albums, and used the more aggressive sound well to drive those messages home. I didn’t see those things in the past couple albums to the same degree- they were less diverse and more surfacey.

    I wondered if that was label pressure, but since this album is more in the vein of the last two, I guess it was just their natural direction.

    Still, a pretty good album in it’s own right and you can tell they had a lot of fun with it!

    • iamjustin says:

      i feel like their harder songs came from a completely different place in their life as a band and as people than where they are now. They are old, they don’t have that young angst anymore, they’re just happy and old living in the oc making ska music.

    • Smacky X says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to attribute the themes in that music to “angst”- there was a lot more to it than that. And yes, like I said, this is clearly a direction that they’ve taken, and that has to be reflective of them being in a different place.

    • Smacky X says:

      Listening through a couple more times is making me dig “Fight On” as having that anthem-focus that I am talking about. Maybe I misrepresented my appreciation for this album by leading with that criticism- it’s good stuff!

    • Brandon J. says:

      Yeah “Fight On”, “All Glory”, and “On the Downbeat” have that signature Supertones “edge” to them I believe. I love all the songs, even the ones done on acoustic. I think The OC Supertones have done a fine job at combining their best elements of all their past material and mixing it with an updated sound to fit perfect in today’s music. I really like this album and will give it a high score when I review it. It’s just the kind of music I enjoy on a personal level and something I can go back and listen to multiple times without getting bored.

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