Lacey Steps Down From Flyleaf

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Lacey Steps Down From Flyleaf

Lacey is stepping down as the singer of High School Essay For Sale. . The remaining members have recruited Kristen May formerly of the band Vedera, to take over Lacey’ duties as lead singer of Flyleaf for their upcoming tour. You can read the statement below. [Thanks Smacky X]

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35 Responses to 'Lacey Steps Down From Flyleaf'

  1. Wow, right before the new album releases. Interesting.

  2. jthejust says:

    Weird! I just saw her play a solo song at a Billy Graham crusade a few weeks ago.

  3. Smacky X says:

    Much respect for Lacey wanting to make the most of this season of parenthood! She will be missed. I really feel like she was a huge part of what set this band apart from many of the other female-fronted rock bands out there right now.

  4. This is sad, but understandable. I wish her luck and blessings.

  5. Luke Foster says:

    She had one of the most recognizable voices in the genre. Icredible voice and raange even you think her voice is annoying. Will be missed

  6. iSkelly87 says:

    Sad day. I am bummed I never had a chance to watch her perform live.

  7. Phil Recognition says:

    for some reason i read i read that the band recruited Krystal Meyers. man i miss Krystal Meyers..

  8. Wow, what an interesting choice in a new vocalist. Considering I love Vedera, I may actually give a Flylisten in the future. ;)

  9. Daniel says:

    I’m surprised to not see any comments like “There goes Flyleaf” or “rename the band” and stuff like that! Anyways, now I’m gonna check out this Vedera band so I can hear the new vocalist!

  10. Research Papers On English. says:

    @Daniel well I’m about to say something like that…ha

    Whoa, sad news. I really think she made Flyleaf what it was, sorry to be “that person”, but their music was pretty normal but her voice is what made Flyleaf special to me. Never heard the girl from Vedera but hopefully she’ll do well on their tour.

    I wish them the best but it just won’t be Flyleaf to me any more [just like the Newsboys aren’t Newsboys in my eyes it’s a cover band]. You change the vocalist who brought so much to the band soundwise, especially when the music caters or is built around the vocals-you change a lot…

  11. Professional Writing And Editing Swinburne here. says:

    Vedera is/was le snore. Hopefully May doesn’t try to be Lacey part 2.

  12. tommy says:

    I’m glad they have the new album recorded and I will get one more album with Lacey on Vocals. I kinda thought this might happen when she got married and decided to raise a family. not sure what to think of the new vocalist…

  13. cool, maybe I’ll like Flyleaf now

  14. xwritingonthewallsx says:

    I saw Flyleaf live back in 2007 and they were impressive. This is sad news (I guess) but I probably wont lose any sleep over it.

  15. So sad. Her/their approach to lyrics, and her vocals were my favorite part. I wish the best for her and the guys, as well as the new vocalist. :’)

  16. Besides the obvious choice as to while they titled the album “New Horizons” , the video makes much more sense… as well as that much more sad. All the old photos & the end with her and the Flyleaf scrapbook and then her with her family.

    • Dude, that’s a very reasonable insight. Nice!! I agree with ya. I’m going to miss her as the lead singer, and there’s some pretty big shoes to fill now. Hopefully, the band will be able to keep their edge lyrically in the future, too. Who knows? Maybe Flyleaf as we know it will slowly fade? I’m definitely curious to see.

    • Yea, curious to see where they go.

      Strangely enough, I don’t know that I want Kristen to sound anything like Lacey, at least when it comes to future things. As to listening to her cover the older stuff… If she can bring something new and great to them, then cool. But I still think I want them to sound a bit different.

  17. Tim says:

    What a gracious exit letter and transition. Lots of respect for this band, even though I’ve probably only heard two or three songs. I wish them all the best with the new girl and Lacey with her new direction.

  18. jim says:

    Dang it. All these bands quite after having kids. Just don’t have kids or get married. Just make great music. Thats all us fans care about! :)

  19. thruchristalone777 says:

    Never been a huge Flyleaf fan, but this is still kind of a bummer. I wish Lacey the best of luck with everything though.

  20. ParkerloveJesus says:

    Dang they replaced her just like that.

    • They didn’t just replace her, it’s been a collaborative effort. I’m sure Lacey had say in it too.

    • Smacky X says:

      Not really sure why they would delay if they can get someone to fill in. They also say that Kristen May “is assuming vocal duties for future tour dates, not that she is the established new singer.

    • Maybe the delay was for the purpose of not throwing it all out at once, New Album & HEY Lacey is stepping down. :/

      Yea, a few tweets they replied to made it seem like she might be the new vocalist.

      I’m sure with such a big part of the band leaving, the voice, there has to be sad or maybe even hurt feelings even if it’s God’s will or just her focus to step down. But they’ve known for a while.

  21. gravymits says:

    Lacy Leaving is like the equivalent of David Lee Roth leaving Van Halen, Going to miss her

  22. notsure says:

    Man, Underoath, Downhere, and now this. I feel like other bands have quit this year too, but I can’t even remember who at this point. This will be a totally different band. I hope it goes well for all their sakes.

  23. Brandon J. says:

    Lacey seems to be doing a lot more speaking engagements with The Whosoevers, one of which is coming up this week. Maybe this will be a part of her future post-Flyleaf. You also have to wonder sometimes if there was some inner turmoil going on between band members.

  24. SxC Milie Girl says:

    It is difficult to accept this because flyleaf was the first Christian band that my ex-boyfriend introduced to me. I felt in love Lacey’s voice. She is taking a new journey in her life and I respect that. I will miss her.

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