Hyland – Finding Our Way

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Hyland – Finding Our Way
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Artist: Hyland
Title: Finding Our Way
Record Label: Tooth & Nail
Release Date: 10/22/2012
Reviewer: Sara Walz


  1. Power & Love
  2. Wandering & Waiting
  3. Beauty In The Broken
  4. Brothers
  5. Calm In Our Storm
  6. More Than Famous
  7. Work In Progress
  8. Lucky In Love
  9. Well Done
  10. Never Fails You

For their sophomore album on Tooth & Nail the Minnesota natives along with producer, Jeff Schneeweis (Number One Gun, The Make), craft a polished, full release that will quite possibly make Hyland a household name. Finding Our Way has melodic pop sensibilities, clean vocals, and even some whistling! The boys of Hyland are growing up and, as the title suggests, finding their way.

The album kicks off with “Power & Love.” The song is driven by the drums and keys that have a vaguely 80’s feel to them. The guitar doesn’t even make an appearance until the second verse and plays the background. It is a great opener for the album, it grabs your attention. It explores a new sound for Hyland while still remaining Hyland at it’s heart. The first single, “Beauty in the Broken” epitomizes what the band does well, a full sound incorporating a lot of instruments and harmonies. The hook is catchy and after one listen you’ll be singing along. Not every song on the album is so shiny, “Well Done” is pretty stripped down with an acoustic guitar and strings (guessing a cello or viola). It’s almost haunting and recorded so there’s a faint echo which makes it feel like it’s being played live in the room with you. Frontman, Jon Lewis, said they took a bit of a different approach musically this time around, “It didn’t have to follow some set of rules of what we were. This music is interesting to us, and the content’s there, so let’s juts have fun with it.”

One thing is for sure, the content is definitely there. Every song on Finding Our Way tells a story, whether it’s a story about life’s purpose, a story about love, or a story about the journey’s we go on, these stories are sure to resonate with the listener. Some of the stories were born out of Scripture including the first single, “Beauty in the Broken.” Taking the concept from Jeremiah 29 that we are born with a purpose and a plan, even in the hard times. “More Than Famous” takes the listener outside of themselves to look at who is truly worthy of being famous, “let my life shine, let the world see, you alone are everlasting.”

Not only did the band approach the music differently but they also approached the songwriting differently. Following the theft of the bands gear in 2011 and the generous outpouring of love and support from fans and friends the guys in Hyland realized how much their music can mean to people and became even more intentional with their songwriting. Drummer, Steve Weigel, puts it best saying, “That process made us hone in spiritually and evaluate not just what we want to say as a band, but what we want to say to the people who are listening.”

Overall: Finding Our Way is a clean, catchy release. The hooks get stuck in your head like a good hook should and the stories turned into songs are sure to pierce the heart. So the question is, which one is your story?

Hyland - Finding Our Way, 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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8 Responses to 'Hyland – Finding Our Way'

  1. Iaya97 says:

    T&N must have done a terrible job of marketing this, because I didn’t even know it was coming out. Not that it would matter, really. Is this actually worthy of a 4? Was not a fan of their other album.

  2. sara.walz says:

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of Weights & Measures either. I enjoyed this one much more.

  3. Luke Foster says:

    Is this more rockish? Because I only really enjoy their rockier songs

  4. iamjustin says:

    i dont know what to think of these guys, i really want to like them, they are easily one of the nicest bands i’ve met, but their last album was kinda eh, so i will gladly give this one a try.
    also totally agree that t&n are dropping the ball with this band. i feel like they could be doing a lot better job getting these guys out there, i’ve seen their show 3 times this since june and i live in rhode island, these guys are always touring and they still have no real push from their label. these guys are regular ccm pop rock, why arent they being pushed like that?

  5. Nicole says:

    This isn’t about the record label, this about the album, band members, the music, and the stories the music tell. Hyland’s first album is the only album I have owned that I can listen to every song, everytime. These guys have been through so much; I am so very proud that they made it to a record label, many bands never get that chance, and coming from my home state of Minnesota, that is incredible. This album has a different atmosphere than Weights and Measures, and I believe that is something that Hyland had to do; They need to know what is best for their music style, and venturing out will do just that. I would give this album and 4/5, but Weights and Measures will always be a 5/5 for me. Great job, Hyland.

  6. Love the album! I listened to the album on New Release Tuesday through their stream! Every song is a standout!

  7. Jeremy says:

    I’ve had this album for over a week now (I think amazon made a mistake with my pre-order? because they sent it at the same time as the new anberlin); the first album was more early Anberlin sound, while this one brings to mind more of The Wrecking/Seven Places-type sound.

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