Owl City Debuts New Song From Wreck It Ralph

By Brandon J. on October-12-2012 | Filed under Essay About Name.

Owl City Debuts New Song From Wreck It Ralph

Check out a brand new song from Owl City titled “When Can I See You Again” which will play during the end credits of the upcoming Disney Video Game based film, Wreck-It Ralph. Diy Thesis Comments see.

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5 Responses to 'Owl City Debuts New Song From Wreck It Ralph'

  1. Taylor C. says:

    Anyone beat my record? I made it about 7 seconds.

  2. Excited for the movie, too. But what the heck happened to Owl City?! This is barely better than “Good Time.”

  3. tommy says:

    I loved this dude before he got signed. his old stuff had this chill atmospheric vibe. :\ can’t really stand his new stuff.

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