New Skillet Music Coming Soon

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New Skillet Music Coming Soon

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46 Responses to 'New Skillet Music Coming Soon'

  1. Stephen says:

    Nay. Awake was a lazy, formulaic album after Comatose. They have some work to do before they’ll grab my attention again.

  2. xwritingonthewallsx says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this… hmmmmmn.

  3. Resume And Cv Writing Services Switzerland. says:

    2009 – 2013 is too long for an “active” band between albums.

  4. Joshuahahaha says:

    What do you guys think they should do to be less generic in their next album?

  5. Zac says:

    Maybe they should advertise this album as the “Non sellout album”

  6. Luke Foster says:

    The last time this band was good was collide

  7. They should add dubstep in order to differentiate themselves from other radio rock bands.

  8. synn'r sainte jeb'beau says:

    So U2, P.O.D. or The Violet Burning can take as much as 4 yrs & be hailed as creative & relevant, but Skillet (recently rated as one of the ten hardest working bands on tour) is only seen as formulaic? I’ll take the “mediocre” over the more “inventive” overkill of the past few years from other groups who should wait a few years before releasing the next (if allowed to release anything at all) round of consumerist oriented product. I’m thankful they care about their fans (My son & I know this firsthand) enough to choose connecting through touring before recording. It makes both of us more eager to hear what only touring can yield.

    • Smacky X says:

      It’s not as though there’s some automatic time/creativity correlation. So yes, some bands can take four years and be (not just “be hailed”) as creative and relevant, while others can be formulaic or generic after the same length of time between albums. I’m not saying this to slam on Skillet. I have some them live multiple times and have all their albums. But maybe a band investing so much in touring can detract from investing in recording? Their last album was the one that I had the toughest time enjoying, and I would describe more songs on that album as generic or mediocre than any of their other albums. So despite being a fan, appreciating their hard work touring, and admiring the time they take for their fans, I can echo the criticism about the last album. And I can understand why that leaves people less excited for the new one. Hopefully they come out with something that puts the skepticism to rest!

  9. I’m kind of in between nay and yay, I’m interested in seeing where they go with a new album.

  10. MrM says:

    Always excited for new music from them (though it has been a long time :P) and even though Awake was pretty formulaic, it was still fine to listen to. It’s rare that a whole album has replay value for me anyways, usually just a few songs that stand out. So if Skillet can throw one or two real good songs on their new CD, perfect! Be curious to see what the new guy brings, too.

    • joel says:

      this is the one album i have been looking forward to and go listen to the demos if you need to be convinced

  11. Jake C says:

    I love collide and some of comatose, but I feel like their hearts aren’t in the heavier songs anymore. They feel cheesy and forced. I would like to see them develop a softer sound with a little bite (kinda like flyleaf did) than do a comatose pt3. The only songs on “Awake” besides the title track that I thought didn’t sound forced were the softer songs. Maybe I’m not alone in this, but if I am, there’s my two cents :)

  12. iamjustin says:

    i’m hoping for the best, there was a time in my life when i enjoyed this band, it’s been about six years from then they put out a new song that i enjoyed, but i will check this out and if i like it, hooray, if not, well i’m not getting my hopes up

    (i feel like i say this about family force 5 too)

  13. surprised by the lack of love for Comatose here

  14. Jimmy says:

    Does anyone know if Ben is still writing songs with them?

  15. Ian DeVaney says:

    I just hope that they return to the heavier sound that they had with Collide. I’ve seen Skillet on tour for their last three albums – Collide, Comatose, and Awake, and although their shows have gotten much more elaborate (to the extent that it’s somewhat ridiculous), their music and their performances have steadily gone downhill. I will give them credit though, because they do always put on a good show. It’s not that they’re live performances are bad, it’s just that they’ve gotten a bit cheesy and ridiculous in recent years.

  16. Justin says:

    Skillet = Christian Nickelback. ;) that being said, I used to be a huge fan. I had all their albums beginning with the self-titled. But they started to bore me after Collide. The symphonic hard rock thing has been beat to death by both Christian and general market bands.

  17. Zac says:

    Skillet shouldn’t concern themselves with focusing on softer songs, or focusing on harder songs,
    You write the songs you want to write because you feel the music inside of you, and you write lyrics that you want people to hear. Not. “IM A MONSTER!!!” sellout crap.

    FInd what you love, and hit “record.”

  18. SxC Milie Girl says:

    I hope the new album would be better than awake. really excited about the news.

  19. John says:

    I like Awake but I’d still prefer something a little different after 4 years.

  20. Abe says:

    I used to follow Skillet, until I realized that their music is the same ole christian radio friendly music that I try to avoid. Not to mention, ever time I say I like “christian” metal, people are like, “who, Skillet”?? LOL!

    If they only knew…

    • Chandler A. says:

      So you stopped liking them not because of their music but because they were overplayed on the radio…? Listen to music because you like it not so people will react funny when they hear the Gospel being screamed! :)

    • Abe says:

      No – I stopped liking them b/c of their music (I go through phases where I like certain things or new things, and dislike things that I used to like – I haven’t listened to Skillet since before Awake came out). I feel the same way about 7th Day Slumber. It’s just not my thing right now.

  21. ADMC says:

    Although Awake has given Skillet a lot of success, a lot of their fans, me being one of them, are quite dissapointed with Awake. I’m seventeen now, and I’ve been a Skillet fan since I was six or seven years old, no joke. To be honest, I’m very tired of Awake. It was fine for a while, but now I think we all need to either see something different, or see Skillet return to its roots in Collide or Comatose. I prefer Collide or Comatose to Awake, and after a three and a half year wait, I’m eager to see what they come out with. All I can say is: this had better be good.

  22. Tony says:

    I really think Skillet needs to go back to the harder style like they did with Collide. I think the last couple albums were a little to soft for me. I think now that they are more into the secular scene they need to go with some harder stuff. A lot of their harder older stuff I think would go over pretty well in the secular screne. They have done some of the softer stuff now it’s time to go back to the harder stuff.

  23. Smacky X says:

    For me- its not just a “hard vs. soft” thing. Some of their older, softer songs are songs that I love. It’s just that a lot of the softer songs off the past couple albums just have this flavorless, generic sound to them. Nothing grabs me or holds my attention with a lot of the songs- they just sound like filler. (That goes for some of the hard songs as well, although those are consistently better.)

    • MrM says:

      I think ya nailed it Smacky, making them stand out is the big thing I think. The only song I listen to regularly from Collide is “Collide”, and I think it’s clear how that one stood out by comparison. Some of the harder songs on that CD I skipped right away cuz they just didn’t click with me very well. So yeah, it’s not necessarily a hard/soft comparison, more a passion/formulaic comparison. Personally. Awake seemed to be lacking passion and ingenuity quite a bit. Don’t settle for something just because it sounds alright. Go all out, Skillet. Make those songs that can feel real and passionate. Throw your hearts into it.

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