Help Out SONS

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Help Out SONS

Message from SONS via Facebook:

Hello once again,

We heard back from the shop about our van today.
Despite our dedication to routine maintenance, there are still some pretty major repairs we will need to get taken care of before we can hit the road again.

The shop quoted us $1,500 for the sum of the repairs. We will be doing as much of the labor as we can handle to help cut down on cost, but we still really need your help.

We have received some very generous donations so far, and we are very thankful for those. If you haven’t made a donation and feel that you could, we ask you to strongly consider. If you have already given or don’t feel like it’s an option for you, please help us to spread the word.

You all are amazing. We cannot express how much we appreciate your generosity in our time of need. Thank you!

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