New Relient K Album in 2013?

By Brandon J. on October-10-2012 | Filed under Custom Writing Services For Dissertation.

New Relient K Album in 2013?

According Distance Learning Research Paper. , Relient K have finished recording their new album with Paul Moak. Hopefully we’ll see this new album the first quarter of 2013.

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17 Responses to 'New Relient K Album in 2013?'

  1. jthejust says:

    Hope this is good. I heard it’s supposed to be very poppy, which is definitely not a good thing.

  2. TylerM says:

    There are songs on YouTube of them performing live (3 thus far). I really like them.

  3. jdski says:

    Moak did a great job on House of Heroes’ last record. I hope I can say the same about Relient K’s.

  4. Well they’re coming off their best LP yet so this should be good

  5. Luke Foster says:

    Oh so cautiously optimistic about this.

  6. Writer Block Research Paper. says:

    I hope so, it’s been a long wait.

  7. Scott says:

    I actually hope their MORE poppy. These last few items have had a shoegazing aspect that I’m not a fan of…

  8. Carrisa says:

    Thank goodness! I enjoyed forget and not slow down but prefer their pop and rock stuff

  9. Sam Griffith says:

    Um, been listening to Relient K since The Anatomy of the Tougne in Cheek…when have they not had the pop sound?

    I mean, yeah they alter it so they can get a little more aggressive (mmhmm is still their best record), but I have always considered Relient K a pop rock band.

    Still though, Relient K is one of the best bands out there and I’m really excited about this record. Hope it comes out very soon!

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