Get your own image to show with your comments

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Get your own image to show with your comments

[Update: Post updated today to allow for all your “new” readers/fans of IVM to get your comment pic shown (Gravatar)] Do you want to have your own image instead of the default IVM image to show with your comments? Well, it’s easy and here is how you do it: Go to and click on the button that says “Get your Gravatar today >>” and just follow the instructions. Make sure that you use the same e-mail address as you use here at Indie Vision Music and your image will work on our site.

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Can’t get it to work? Leave a comment and we will help!

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If you want to have a transparent image like I have, you can use PNG (or GIF) format with transparency, gravatar supports that. On ‘how to create a transparent PNG’, you might wanna Google for that.

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81 Responses to 'Get your own image to show with your comments'

  1. Okay test – does this work?!

  2. YorikBruhl says:

    Does it work?

  3. YorikBruhl says:


  4. Shane McKnight says:

    FINALLY!!! I’ve been wondering about this forEVER!!!

  5. Caleb says:

    I think I did it right,

  6. Godzola says:

    <— get it?

  7. fusse says:

    I updated with a little note on how to get an image like mine with transparency.

  8. CellarGore says:

    Testing too.

  9. Jess T says:

    I’ve been wanting to change my old picture for forever! Thanks!!

  10. Jarrod says:

    Check, check… 1, 2…

  11. truthdivides says:


  12. Hobbes says:

    Oh well… couldn’t figure out the transparency thing.

  13. BigBillSmash says:

    Microphone check a checky check

  14. My Gravatar isn’t working, and I have no idea why.

  15. Nevermind, it works now!

  16. NateCG says:

    <—- If there's no picture i need help :D

  17. NateCG says:


  18. dyl464 says:

    Testing 1,2,3….

  19. robshameless says:


  20. Bear Prince says:


  21. Kevin Fitz says:

    Test (late)

  22. Luke Foster says:

    does it work?

  23. Luke Foster says:

    dangit! what did i do wrong?

  24. zinnyzxx says:


  25. Britt says:

    Squeeze bullet pow pow
    Body bag man!

  26. tommy says:


  27. marieaquamarinee says:

    Doing what everyone else is doing…

  28. Caleb Daniels says:


  29. jim says:

    There is it. NICE…

  30. Mikey says:

    Did I do this right?

  31. BlenderBob says:


  32. I see all your pics. It definitely worked.

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