New Falling Up Project

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New Falling Up Project School Violence Essay. on the band’s website.

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39 Responses to 'New Falling Up Project'

  1. Lucas says:

    Psyched for this. Your Sparkling Death Cometh was about my favorite album released in 2011. Falling Up has gotten SO good and Jessy Ribordy is the most underrated genius in Christian music right now.

  2. David Green says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!! This is awesome news, I love Falling Up and pretty much everything they’ve done!

  3. Best News this year by FAR!!! one of my favorite bands! The songs are great and the story so far is too cool.

  4. Computer Science Dissertation Writing. says:

    Ditto to what everyone else said. Fantastic news.

  5. Cool. Its gud 2 c the band stil goin strong+ this is an interestin concept.

  6. Luke Foster says:

    mnemos was odd but sparkling death was awesome. Looking forward to this

  7. Working with Casey Crescenzo was the best thing, musically, that ever happened to this band. From “Fangs!” on, has been their best work.

  8. TheArchangel says:

    They just don’t stop the love coming, do they?? :P

  9. tommy says:

    I am stoked for this. I’m liking alot of the side projects Jessy is involved in. both his “uplifting lyrics” & fantasy story telling are such goodness to my ears and mind. also, the first chapter of “Hours” is pretty darn cool. I’m a bit nervous about giving money toward something that doesn’t exist yet…but they’ve never let me down before.

  10. linds4lif says:

    Loving all the love people are giving Falling Up here! Ive been waiting forever for this project to come out! Basically everything Jessy does whether for FU or TRE or TGC, I love. *fangirl*

  11. mr. zer0 says:

    Awesome sauce!
    Still dream of a double-header concert with MuteMath and Falling Up

  12. Zac says:

    Debut was a strong intro to the band. 2nd album, was still decent, a little experiemental, 3rd was ehh, basic and stripped down.

    But fangs was beautiful, sparkling death was very impressive.
    I thought mmenos (sp) was kinda funny,’

    Looking forward to this

  13. They were awesome at the pop-rock but the experimental phase they entered was snooze-inducing.

    New stuff seems like a decent concept but the goofy marketing tactic would irritate me if I were still a fan.

    • If you aren’t a fan, why post? Just saying. If all you care about is the old stuff stick to it then. Everyone else still seems to love them, they have done no wrong. :)

    • Luke Foster says:

      Honestly i feel like their new stuff is less boring because its more diverse. Dawn escapes is so repetetive i swear

    • Lucas says:

      I love Falling Up, but their first two albums bore me to tears to be honest. But I’m not a fan of alt/nu-metal in the slightest apart from a couple bands. I usually find the music to be bland..

  14. Daniel says:

    Dang it! I’m torn about whether to get it now or wait til it’s the album’s actually complete!
    I sort of like the idea of getting to hear the albums song by song, but at the same time I’m a huge fan of just getting the album and being able to listen all the way through!!

  15. fusse says:

    Fact that they even mentioned that they don’t want to label it as a “worship” album is going to guarantee that it’s gonna be labeled as such :D They should have just left the W word out altogether :D

  16. So for anyone still keeping up with this.

    6 tracks so far. 3 for each album, as well as 3 chapters to Jessy’s book.

    Have to say this is turning out to be some really great stuff!

  17. Lucas says:

    The first two songs streaming on the site are great. I’m waiting for the whole thing to come out before buying though. I just want it all to be a surprise rather than the last track come out and me be tired of the first songs. :) Really looking forward to both the music and audiobook though! If this is as good as I’m hoping Falling Up will definitely become one of my favorite bands ever.

  18. So, yea, if anyone hasn’t gotten on this amazingness yet… You’re messing up! Oh, I mean missing out. Grrr, darn “Auto Correct” :p (Get This!)

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