Audio Adrenaline – Kings and Queens

By Ian DeVaney on October-9-2012 | Filed under Louanne Johnson My Posse Dont Do Homework.

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40 Responses to 'Audio Adrenaline – Kings and Queens'

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  2. Research Paper Of Fashion. says:

    love the song. can’t wait for Audio Adrenaline’s new album in March 2013!

  3. Cool tune, just wish they werent calling it an Audio A song.

  4. I really liked this. I realize that many people are upset about the whole name thing, but musically they are sounding really mature. :)

  5. Application Essay Writing About Myself. says:

    Great song and video. I wasn’t expecting to like this but I actually do. Does anyone else get a Switchfoot vibe from this song?

  6. Shane McKnight says:

    This is definitely not Audio Adrenaline. But this IS good. Doesn’t take away that it’s good.

  7. JoshIVM says:

    Just another band to add to dozens of similar CCM pop rock outfits.

  8. iamjustin says:


  9. Iaya97 says:

    Kevin Max is the only thing I like from the song.

    • really? I thought musically and lyrically the song is awesome!

    • Iaya97 says:

      Lyrics are okay, music didn’t do anything for me. Too cookie-cutter.

    • TheResidentGuest says:

      I turned it off part way through and listened to the 30 Second To Mars version.

    • ^^ U must need yur ears+ hed examined if u think in any way 30 seconds 2 crap shud b even remotely mentioned in the same breth as audio a or on this website, eva, lol. – 100 bro/ scene/ cool points 4 u, “guest”.

    • TheResidentGuest says:

      It was a joke (same song title) but based on your spelling and the “cool points” thing maybe you’re also being sarcastic?

      I agree with JoshIVM though. The song is pretty bland and if you’re honest, you’ll admit that it does not have any distinct quality that would make you suspect it’s an Audio A song if you weren’t being told that it’s an AA song. Had the same track been released 5 months ago as Kevin Max solo material, this post would have less than 5 comments total, most of which would be about dcTalk or saying “I’ve always liked his voice but his spiritual beliefs are kind of weird based on stuff I’ve read.” Truth.

    • ParkerloveJesus says:

      that’s how phil types, lol.

    • DT says:

      ^ True, that is how Phil types. His keyboard emotionally shut down long ago due to his abusive typing style and it’s had difficulty forming complete words ever since.

    • MrM says:

      I got mad respect for you Phil, but 30 Seconds To Mars happens to be one of my favourite bands ever, and for them, I’ll take the negative bro/cool/scene points

  10. Dan Bakitus says:

    Needs less Lift and more Underdog

  11. Cristian M says:

    When I’ve heard about Kevin Max doing vocals on Audio A I was surprised, but thinking “Why they keep the same name?” But then knowing that Mark is still involved in the songwriting was a good news, and I was excited about this.

    About the song, sounds a little “generic” musically speaking, like any other pop band. It doesn’t have the “rock edge” Audio A has been known for. I hope this to be the poppier track of the record!

  12. I read in one of the comments that there is nothing original about this song. Lyrically it hit home with me, and I think I have another visual image now for Eph 2:6,7 (and this “seating” us royally is an expansion on Eph 1:19-23 where we see Jesus being seated on His throne, and investing us with the titles and offices. There are many other passages, but this one sums it up best in 2 concise passages. That passage is deep for me. Now I don’t have to try and evoke a Narnia image.
    Lyrically its a decent song I think, that added with the “industrial noises combined with the drums, and other percussion instruments gives it that “edgy” aspect.
    But I respect your opinion on whether you think its good or blaise. AA as a band were never too much my type. I hope my little “brick” willl help someone who reads over it.
    Pactum Serva

  13. Len says:

    At least they will sell CDs. Ha.

  14. Not sure if this is the confirmed track listing for the album “Kings And Queens”- but here’s the link on Provident Distribution’s website:

    The song I’m really looking forward to is ‘Fire Never Sleeps’, especially since Jesus Culture and Martin Smith recorded a superb live version last year, that will be hard to beat…

    Also, I can’t wait to hear ‘He Moves, You Move’- from the preview of the song here, it looks to be a gem!

  15. MrM says:

    And actually I rather enjoyed the song

  16. platypusguy says:

    I agree with the comments on how it’s a bit too poppy and polished and lacks an edge, but I found it to be a pretty enjoyable listen. Not that they’re exactly similar situations but this turned out better than Tait joining Newsboys IMHO

  17. i’m actually really stoked for this album in March 2012. the single is pretty good and can’t wait to see their rendition of Martin Smith’s ‘Fire Never Sleeps’.

    Do any of you guys reckon that sometime in the near future, Audio Adrenaline will incorporate ‘Jesus Freak’ into their set-list. TobyMac and Newsboys are still doing it (personally I like Toby’s version the best). If Kevin records a version, I’ll definitely listen to it.

  18. Greg says:

    In order to do the most good for their charity, the song needed to appeal to a wide demographic. Kevin is in really good voice, the song is catchy, and the production is very modern. It should at least get a lot of airplay on CHR, thus exposure for the charity.

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