Sufjan Stevens to Release Massive Christmas Box Set

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Sufjan Stevens to Release Massive Christmas Box Set

Sufjan Stevens and his label Asthmatic Kitty, will release a massive Christmas music box set titled “Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Vol. 6-10″. Click here to read more about it and get details on the contents of the box set.

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4 Responses to 'Sufjan Stevens to Release Massive Christmas Box Set'

  1. Jared Ens says:

    I love me some good Christmas music, and Sufjan Stevens knows his business, so I’m excited to hear his take on classics as well as his originals. ” Chrismas Unicorn” is possibly the weirdest Christmas song I’ve heard this year, I’ll definitely be jamming it will decorating my tree.

  2. Seth says:

    This is the best music news of the year. I heard this was why Underoath called it quits. Everyone else should follow suit.

  3. I just smile from ear to ear when I see Sufjan writing 10+ minute songs and collaborating with Arcade Fire and The National

  4. Lucas says:

    Anyone bought/listened to this yet? It’s awesome!

    On a more incredible note, I am listening to Illinois and when I went to Wikipedia it happened to be the featured article of the day out of 4,102,513 articles. If that’s not beating the odds I don’t know what is.

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