Krig Releases New Song

By Taylor C. on October-3-2012 | Filed under Dissertation Funding For Public Health.

Krig Releases New Song

The death-metallers of Persuasive Essay On Sex Education. . Check out the new song below.

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2 Responses to 'Krig Releases New Song'

  1. Mike K says:

    for me the song is just like Krigas a band – boring. I tried to like them, but I couldn’t

  2. DT says:

    Mike, did you ever listen to Narcissistic Mechanism? I could see how their material before that could feel boring, but NM sold me on Krig being awesome.

    I was really excited to hear the new stuff but having heard this I’m not as excited. I enjoy raw trash sounding powerviolence and guttural slam just fine, but I rarely enjoy when a band moves backward in sound quality. I really hope this song is a really rough rough-mix.

    Narcissistic Mechanism was a little too hot, and so was their album before, but it was clear, which fit nicely with the more technical sound they had on NM. If this album is going to have a technical and prog flavor throughout, it would be better if it didn’t sound so muddy and raw. This is a good song, but that sound is getting in the way for me. Sucks to be me, I guess.

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