Further Seems Forever Releases Another New Track

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Further Seems Forever Releases Another New Track

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9 Responses to 'Further Seems Forever Releases Another New Track'

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    Cool, but i think i just lost all respect 4 alt press now: “Penny Black, is a new-age emocore beast “, lol, wow, realy? Ther nuthin “cor” about ther sound otha than the fact its 4/5 of the guys from strongarm.

  2. Logan Flaming says:

    Good song but I’m not too crazy about the Autotune.

  3. Jared Ens says:

    The auto-tune made me shut the track off half way through. This is sad :( Maybe I will try again when the full album comes out but for now I’m not liking the vocal over- production at all.

  4. Lucas says:

    Really loving these first two tracks. Got so many exciting things coming this October!! :)

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