Descend to Rise – Milestones, Available Now

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Descend to Rise – Milestones, Available Now

Check out the brand new album from German post-hardcore/screamo band, Descend to Rise, below. The album is called “Milestones” and is being released by Guideline Records in Germany. You can listen/order below.

Descend To Rise present raw and chaotic Screamo-Core with a melodic note and a positive message. Founded in 2001, the current band line-up has been around since the beginning of 2010 and the band developed over the years a sound that defies all simple definitions. Their music is characterized by powerful guitars, simple and rumbling bass and intensive screamed vocals combined with catchy melodies.

Comparable bands and influences include bands like Thrice, Underoath, As Cities Burn, August Burns Red and Defeater but overall DTR have shaped up their own style.
They put out an untitled D.I.Y. demo CD in November of 2002, followed up by a contribution to the “Songs To Set Hearts On Fire” compilation in 2003. In 2005 DTR signed a deal with Guideline Records and released their EP “Standing At This Safe Place…We Watch The World Fall” in January 2006. With their debut full-length album “Behind The Infinite Scenes” released in March 2008 they put their own sound musically and lyrically to the next level.

Make sure to get the “new” record and see the bands furious live performances in the near future.

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