Seeking Artists for Christmas Music Compilation (Indie Vision Music/Rottweiler Records)

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Seeking Artists for Christmas Music Compilation (Indie Vision Music/Rottweiler Records)

Indie Vision Music along with Rottweiler Records are once again organizing a special annual “Christmas” themed free compilation download right here at our site. We are currently looking for great metal, punk, goth, hardcore, and rock bands to submit a “Christmas” themed song for this free compilation. We are looking for the songs to be radio quality, well produced songs in order to submit them to radio stations across the U.S. and abroad! If you are a harder edged band with a good, solid well produced Christmas song, please submit it to:

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5 Responses to 'Seeking Artists for Christmas Music Compilation (Indie Vision Music/Rottweiler Records)'

  1. I have written several Xmas songs …

  2. Brandon J. says:

    Any other bands/artists interested in contributing to this? We have only received a couple of submissions and we’re getting close to the deadline.

  3. Shawn/Rottweiler Records says:


    Get your Christmas songs in to be included on this year’s comp!!!

    Deadline is Nov. 10th!!

  4. I sent an e-mail to both of you with several Christmas songs attached. Please let me know if you need anything else. HO-HO-HO- Merry Christmas!

  5. Shawn Browning says:

    Here’s the artist list so far:

    All The Departed
    Better Promises Featuring Till I Fall
    Da Mac
    Final Surrender
    Goodnight Wednesday
    Grave Robber
    Iron Sharpen Iron
    Jordan Biel
    Lust Control
    Must Build Jacuzzi
    Old Timers
    Regrets Of 27
    Resistance Movement
    Tim Bushong

    If you have songs already recorded and would like to submit, please send mp3’s to


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