Rend Collective Experiment – Build Your Kingdom Here

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Check out Rend Collective Experiment’s new video for the track “Build Your Kingdom Here” below. The song is from the band’s latest release, Homemade Worship By Handmade People.

3 Responses to 'Rend Collective Experiment – Build Your Kingdom Here'

  1. BigBillSmash says:

    Alright, I’ll be the first to say it. A Christian Mumford and Sons.

    • Brandon J. says:

      That’s kind of ironic considering the strong spiritual content of Mumford and Sons ;) Speaking of Mumford, I can definitely see the commercial appeal of their new album. I bought it last week and absolutely love it. Hipsters may deny their love of the Mumford but I certainly won’t. I am waiting patiently for all the clone bands to get signed who happen to have banjo players and an alt folk sound. Even Phillip Phillips latest song sounds exactly like Mumford.

    • Luke Foster says:

      Nope, i didnt like the new mumford, sounds too much like sigh no more to me.

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