A Past Unknown – Fact or Fiction (Ft. Ryan Kirby of Fit for a King)

By Brandon J. on September-26-2012 | Filed under Resume For Phd Admission.

Supreme Buy Essays. have posted their new song “Fact or Fiction” in a lyric video that you can view below. The new song features Ryan Kirby of Fit for a King on guest vocals. The new album “Vainglory” is out October 23rd on Red Cord Records.

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2 Responses to 'A Past Unknown – Fact or Fiction (Ft. Ryan Kirby of Fit for a King)'

  1. shaw says:

    This song…. This is up there with the best that anyone has put out this year, it’s so unique, heavy, melodic, just captures every element.

  2. ParkerloveJesus says:

    What is unique about this? I coudn’t find anything that sounded “new” to the genre. The breakdowns sure aren’t unique, the singing isn’t either, his yell doesn’t stand out, and the leads are nothing special. I do like the lyrics though and I will be praying that their music reaches the lost.

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